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  1. Oh ok. Thanks Im glad they got rid of the Matrix Exzibit
  2. It doesn't say anything about it on the MW website so like to the people that have been to movieworld recently was is it?
  3. That would be a pretty cool spot for a camera. Like a camera in front of every row on SE. Expensive though.
  4. i really hope it will be in QLD but then MW, DW, WnW etc. would have alot of competition.
  5. There's no space for a massive coaster at movieworld anyway. And plus the neighbours behind them. It would be pretty cool though.
  6. Zane, How do you know about that? Like has it happened to you before? lol
  7. I hope something new is built by November cause that's when i'm going. Probably Wont though. Last time i went to MW which was New years the newest thing was Batwing Spaceshot and i only got to ride it once. It's not that thrilling.
  8. That would be so freaky if that happened! I would be like WTF!?
  9. They should use the space for a thrill ride. MW need's to keep up with DW's 6 thrill rides.
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