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  1. Yes, it's where Matrix was. There's also dogem cars. The whole area, just at the entrance of Wild West Falls is like a carnival now (which is a bit lame in my opinion).
  2. Hey everyone, I just got back from my trip to QLD (which was ingeniously timed for Halloween) and have some pics to share. I thought the night I went to (Tues 30th) was great - packed though, of course. Great atmosphere and costumes and the staff worked their asses off to make it a really efficient (fast change-overs and extra trains/cars running), night. In the 3 hours, I only managed to get onto 2 rides because of the sheer amount of people and wait times. In hindsight I really wish I'd made it to Superman Escape, as it's my favorite ride and I want to ride it in the dark. I thought Scooby
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