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  1. Where could I download your thunderbolt creation? -Dan
  2. Hey! I was just thinking of that the other day. I recently got RCT2 and its great. I am propably going to have a crack at designing dreamworld on it.(during the school holidays, not now though with exams and all) Do you know of a save game for rct2 that gives u heaps of money, all the rides and a park full of flat land. I had one for rct1.... is there one for rct2? -Dan
  3. Yeah. I had a great day with my mates We went on the rapids first, then the mine shaft (the queue was really REALLY short) then cyclone then wipeout..... and the day went on. Had lunch around 11.40. The cyclone is really good, i wasn't expecting that first loop. I think being short is a really bad thing at theme parks as my neck got sore after the cyclone. Anyways we ended up going on the wipeout 3 times, cyclone twice and everything else once. (we didn't go on the thunderbolt) Oh and we saw Clark Keating (From the Brisbane Lions) at Dreamworld too. I saw him behind us on the queue i
  4. Hey. I Just signed up here. I absolutely love theme parks, especially dreamworld. I havn't been for a while, but I'm going for my 16th b/day with 2 of my mates on the 10th of November (this sunday!) I am yet to go on the cyclone, my favourite ride there is the WIPEOUT! Anyway... see ya! -Dan
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