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  1. I found these images at http://chrisyg.blogspot.com/ They sure brought back some faded memories, especially the old slide. Please follow the link and check out their site. Rotate counter clockwise # 6 image!
  2. Hi there! Before I continue on with my topic, I thought I'd introduce myself. I've been hovering around here for a while now and reading all of these post/ replies sure brought back a flood of memories. I was born in Bankstown in '68 and moved away from Greenacre (up to the Central Coast) in '77. So, I've decided that a once young 'westie' is going to hang around here and relive some good times. O'Neills Adventureland, who can ever forget that place? I have silent 8mm coloured film of that place (date/ year unknown) and I will endeavour to upload some screen captures. If my memory serves me
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