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  1. Hi Everyone, Have been up at the Gold Coast for the last week for a work conference. I took some time out to go to Sea World as it has been a few years and i wanted to see what has changed. Anyway, i noticed a billboard at the entrance to the Corkscrew which mentions a new ride called "Sea Viper" It also says the ride will be coming in summer 2009. I have scoured the forum here but find no mention of this. Does anyone know what this is? Will it replace the pirate ship (which was closed)? Cheers Bren
  2. Hi All, I am a new member to the forums. This was on the front page of the latest Camden Advertiser today. I thought it would have been mentioned here already but it appears not. I think it is worthy of mention on your front page news section. Lets hope this gets the go ahead "THE developers of a huge indoor and outdoor water park with attached 400-room hotel and themed restaurants are searching Camden's northern suburbs for a place to set up. The developers, JVPlay, said the 24-hectare park development would be ``unlike anything seen in Australia'' and would save NSW tourists from having
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