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  1. MamaaCorydoras

    Ride Closures.

    I seem to have created a firey thread!! I joke, I joke. But again thank you for the advice everyone, I hope to hold out for a couple of months before doing any bookings just in case, hopefully all goes according to plan. Ill have a look at your accomodation suggestions Spotty, I had a friend stay at the QT and she said it was a fantastic stay, so Ill look into it, thank you. On the relateted topic, just for anyone whos curious, my list of hopefully open rides during the Feb period would have to be (sorry if I dont know the correct names): Superman Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster Wild wild west Lethal Weapon (Its changed names, last I heard!) Green lantern Has the looney tunes river ride been closed too? :'( Also for Seaworld: The jet ski one And hopefully the new Storm Coaster will stay open during this period!! Thanks for everyones advice again.
  2. MamaaCorydoras

    Ride Closures.

    I think you're right, Im not sure Ill stick with the travel agent, but I thought Id enquire pricing and things like that so we could start to budget and save up and I had no idea how much Id have to spend either, and also because Im a little paranoid that I might forget something. Ill hold out a little longer, hopefully everything falls into place. The flights shouldnt be hard, my mums an air hostess so she'll be able to help me out. I guess Im worried that Ill pay for something online and it'll fall through as a scam or something... Wow I sound insane... Thanks for the advice.
  3. MamaaCorydoras

    Ride Closures.

    Thanks everyone for the advice! I wasnt expecting so much feedback, I appreciate that I wanted to be really sure that I didnt miss out on the major rides, since my partner has never been before, and this isnt something we get to do often, Its a bummer to hear about Superman possibly being closed, since I was planning to arrive on the 7th. Im contemplating how long I should wait. Im booking everything through a travel agent, and I would HAVE to change the dates if I found out the Superman or Green Lantern or other major rides in Wet'n'Wild or Sea World were closed, but I know Ill be charged extra to change dates. Anyone have any idea what I should do? Should I wait to see when the scheduled maintenance is made? Do you think If I rang the parks up now, anyone would know? I know its a pain in the butt question... Thanks again to everyone for the help, I was so unsure. Im glad to know I should be safe for February. Ill have to keep tabs on the attraction maintenance. But its a good point, that they would try to keep rides open during peak season, and I was told that in the first couple of week of February is off season since kids go back to school.
  4. MamaaCorydoras

    Ride Closures.

    Hello All!I plan on spending 7 days in Surfers Paradise with my boyfriend for my graduation in February 2014, YAY!I was wondering if anyone knew how far in advanced do theme parks announce ride closures?Id be so bummbed if certain major rides were closed during this preiod, and Id like to knew in advanced to see if we could work around them.At the moment I found that online they have closures announced until December 2013. Anyone have any idea??Thanks all!!