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  1. 11 minutes ago, Slick said:

    Re-posting this from another thread because I stand by this idea and I reckon it's boss.


    Mad Max themed land.

    • Vekoma Mad-house where the WB Exhibit is now. Entrance to the east facing current Arkham station
    • Vekoma flyer that makes use of the space from Superman Escape's helixes right up to the current maze buildings.
    • Mad Max themed bar and events space that doubles as an exit pathway, observation platform (think light-house type outpost themed to Mad Max) and merch space for the ride itself.
    • Mack Twist 'n' Splash or Drunken Barrels (or hell, any half decent flat ride that would do well on a hot summer day) to tie the space in between current Arkham courtyard and the interconnect from the Mad Max area to WWF.

    This combo of attractions would make great use of the land, avoids overlap with existing attractions in Australia and has clearly defined marketable advantages (country's first flying coaster, total novelty factor etc.)

    Advantages of a Mad Max themed land:

    • There's a new Mad Max movie.
    • The theme is pretty iconic and timeless at this point.
    • It's basically an abandoned, rustic theme, so it's not crazy expensive to do well
    • It's Aussie AF and appeals to the same demo that Hollywood Stunt Driver does
    • The transitions between other precincts themed lands is a piece of cake - it's an easy transition to WWF, and the transitions between Superman and Main Street are basically more of what used to be there with the China Town Alley-way.

    You're welcome Village. 🍻

    Absolutely love this idea, would make great use of the space and I believe it would give movieworld alot more variety in the sense of theming and that would give abit more of a refreshing feel to the park. Whether or not they do something like this tho is a different story

  2. 3 minutes ago, fletch said:

    I disagree. I believe we'll see a new gen Vekoma invert or flyer come to the plot. Mainly because B&M has never worked in Australia and the price tag for a Vekoma would be far lower then a B&M invert. I've been informed that there will be an announcement for AA's replacement within the coming months.

    A vekoma invert would also fit the park really well, yes ive heard that there will be an announcement in the coming months very soon aswell

  3. 6 hours ago, Gtmichaels said:

    Honestly, I’m just hoping for Australia’s first B&M! Definitely not a hyper cause the park already has that. Movie World has shown they have the money for large scale attractions, and some people believe it to be a dark ride or something? They would have to replace Arkham Asylum with an equally, if not more thrilling attraction imo. Either a B&M invert or a mini dive machine! That would match the theme great, like Batman diving off of a building or something?! Whatever they do, I’m sure it will be epic!

    So yeh, sticking with the Batman theme is a real possibility that I find likely.

    Yes my bets are definitely on a B&M invert coaster, it would definitely fit the park and the space provided really well 

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