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  1. I love this idea, the villains area has been abandoned for quite some time now.
  2. Does anyone have a realistic approach if MW was to head away from the dc theming in the AA area.
  3. Absolutely love this idea, would make great use of the space and I believe it would give movieworld alot more variety in the sense of theming and that would give abit more of a refreshing feel to the park. Whether or not they do something like this tho is a different story
  4. A vekoma invert would also fit the park really well, yes ive heard that there will be an announcement in the coming months very soon aswell
  5. Yes my bets are definitely on a B&M invert coaster, it would definitely fit the park and the space provided really well
  6. Hey everyone, As it is looking very likely that the Arkham asylum at movieworld will be replaced what does everyone reckon the theming for the replacement attraction will be My guess is that they will still stick with the Batman sorta theming but im not quite sure what yet
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