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  1. Thank you for that. I hope that they do decide to keep it going as I have friends coming over from England in March who just want to see Jon Cooke and Lee Stone. They saw them at the world championships in America earlier this year. I have now seen the show three times, each time with different friends, very impressed, well done.
  2. Good work Sea World, at last a really good display of skill and great entertainment. This jet ski show puts the pirate show to shame, in fact I felt embarressed watching the pirates do their thing. The jet ski show should precede the pirate show. The four young men involved in the jet ski show are a credit to Sea World, they were so positive in promoting the park and when we were talking to them after their show they told us to go and visit the penguin house which had just opened that day. I heard that the show only runs until the 24th January, surely not, but maybe they are just putting it on
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