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  1. Took these photos. from the old river ride building. I took this the other day. was just looking around. it interested me how it is rotting away slowly! Do many people remember it? why did it close? Anyone here operate it?
  2. I am not exactly certain where this guy got his info from. He has worked there for a number of years. To me, it just wouldn't make sense to have a River ride or any sort of ride right up the front, against the entry. Sometimes when I am working on Skyway (The station at the front) it is absoutley dead quiet. Might actually give us something to do while we are there. Although it is usually very busy first thing in the morning.
  3. Yeh, I sometimes sit at the top break on Vikings Revenge at SW. Having to push the emergency stop if someone is wearing a hat etc. Well, it is not an E Stop, but more of a break button. Small gates/vertical bars rise up out of the water. The same happens on Bermuda.
  4. Have just heard word around work (Sea World) that Dugong Discovery and the HR building will be demolished at the end of 2006 to make way for a new river ride. Not sure how reliable the source is, but it is just a rumor I heard in the lunch room the other day.
  5. Ya, It is Mammoth Falls. There is also talk of some further action at Sea World. Apparently, The Seal Pool/Rock will be moved from the Cartoon Network Beach area, and put where the old Thrill Seeker was. The old Seal Rock will then be converted into one of two things: A "Toon Stage" where cartoon characters will perform, or another Cartoon Beach ride. OhI hope it is not another cartoon ride. They are the worst ones to operate. So much abuse from adults!
  6. Hi Guys. I am a ride attendant at Sea World on the Gold Coast. I Can tell you with the speed slides now gone, what will be replacing them. I don't know how much you want to know, but I will say that it is a ride that is previously owned by Wet n Wild.
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