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Found 2 results

  1. Any other HP fans on here excited for Hogwarts Legacy? Please - no massive spoilers. But, please feel free to chat about the general story, characters, what you're looking forward too, etc. Would just like to chat with fellow HP friends
  2. I plan to build a video game themed amusement park in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, something that I haven't seen done before, we have movie themed parks, so why not game theme parks. Anyway, I would like some help and ideas with the park, I want to use very minimal custom scenery as I have a 'shit' PC. Aside from help for the game themed attractions, I would like some help on making realistic park entrances and main streets without custom scenery, I search online and all I get are ones with custom scenery. Last and least, I need a good name, if I can't find one, it will just end up being called Game World. I already have a few ideas, tell me if they are good: [*]Tomb Raider (White Water Rapids) [*]The Legend of Zelda (Looping Coaster) [*]Red Dead Redepmtion (Mine Train Coaster) [*]Call of Duty (unknown), due to the franchises popularity, I will have to include a CoD themed ride, it will be very tempting to making it a junior coaster [*]Angry Birds Duo (Suspended Swinging Coaster), will be a dueling coaster. [*]Need for Speed (Twister Coaster), will be a launched coaster rather than one with a chain lift. [*]Mario Kart (Go-Karts), this is one of the few rides that I will download a custom scenery set for. [*]Metal Gear Solid (3D Cinema) The rides will not just have generic names, they will have names like Need for Speed: Nitro (I may steel the names from lesser known games from franchises so I can easily slap their logo onto a billboard). Other game series that will have rides include: Resident Evil, Mass Effect, GTA, Sonic, etc. I will try to include themed areas, for example, one area may feature rides based on retro games such as Pacman and Space Invaders (this is where I will need the most help with ideas).
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