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  1. So we visited this last week and well since my last visit when the flume ride was closed the only change was the baby polar bear display which looks like it was always hidden from the public, and the removal of the pool and water slides using the already installed resources to modify it to a kids splash park, taking away huge liabilities and the need for guards but honestly a waste of space and money for a park with literally no rides. Nothing is happening with the flume and whatever they build there will cause access issues to the storm, I honestly think we will see another animal exhibit is easier to build, the waste of space is nuts around the park. The good news is behind the tavern and kids park is a heap of earth works is going on but seriously new rides are needed. Honestly I'd expand the car park onto the grassed area, build new entrance buildings which incorporate the monorail that runs out the front with a station (although it's always broken down). Knock down the existing buildings and mate look at all the useable land you have for more attractions, plus the buildings are so old and dilapidated. Thoughts?