The Parkz Update: Warner Bros. Movie World, June 2010

Warner Bros. Movie World have recently debuted their new show for the holidays – a DC Comics 75th Anniversary parade that will play daily at the park.

Image: Parkz.
We were a couple of days early for the DC Comics 75th anniversary celebrations, but the banners were up for it.
The big screen has grown some new speakers.
Retail outlets are getting into it too.
How about "OMG I've been to Movie World"?
The Hollywood Stunt Driver team out on the street for a meet 'n' greet with park guests.
Sweet Treats sells filled churros now.
The new Wizarding World of Harry Potter has just opened at Islands of Adventure in Florida, but they weren't the first to have a Harry Potter themed attraction. Movie World had a themed walk through in the early 2000s, though the Harry Potter shop lives on.
We took a walk through Chinatown.
And look what we found. We see what you did there...
Not a phoneme.
Lethal Weapon is up and running again after its annual maintenance.
Lets go Wild West Area now. The showdown had a decent crowd.
Toy Story 3?!... in a Warner Bros. Park?! It's a travesty I tells ya! Well, Toy Story 3 is a movie, so we'll let them off this time.
Theme parks aren't immune from the Angus craze sweeping the world.
We found another dog tag machine.
Looking a bit closer, it's even themed a little bit inside.
Looking really close now....we liked this tag the best.


There's also now a Player piano in the western area, and free!


Guests can activate it at will. The old time music created by it adds nicely to the ambience of the area.

On the way out we spotted this offer. Not quite as good as Dreamworld's perennial $10 return pass.
"That's all folks!"

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