The Parkz Update: Warner Bros. Movie World, July 2010

Warner Bros. Movie World has been running the Heroes & Villains show that celebrates the 75th anniversary of DC Comics, and also combines all the popular Warner Bros. Looney Tunes characters.

Image: Parkz.
And over at Movie World to see their holiday efforts.
As spotted by some forum members earlier, the screens in the Superman Escape queue now show train departure times.
We were hoping we'd be able to ride Marvin the Martian's Rocket Ride. Unfortunately it was closed today for some reason.
Scooby's gargoyle fountains are seem to be turned off.
Wild West Falls viewing area railing is being taken out and replaced with a far less Western-feeling pool fence.
Some new gravestones have appeared in the graveyard. The old animatronic ones don't appear to be functional anymore.
Construction underway. Either a minor fence and pavement repair, or groundwork for the park's 2011 Intamin megacoaster.
Lights in place for the Heroes & Villains night parade. Note that by installing a roof over Main Street, for just the added cost of some duct tape, Movie World can get away with not having to spend money on weatherproof domes.
Some of the lights sit on sliders in the Main Street building windows, meaning they can be tucked out of sight for the rest of the day when they're not iin use.
Some of the effects such as the fog and bubble machines sit on awnings.
As the sun sets and the show nears, Main Street starts to become foggy.
The show utilises a mix of old and new floats and characters.
It's when the new characters come along that the show really kicks into action.
And with the new characters comes some really cool new floats.
Not to be outdone by Dreamworld's Illuminate, Movie World have their own share of lasers.
In typical comic book fashion, the good guys have the lamest float of the three new ones.
Like any good parade, when the action is over, the bubbles kick in.
A look at the really nifty Joker float.
Does The Joker remind anyone else of Jay Leno?
Closing Time

That's it for this shortened Parkz Update for July. We'll have the latest construction updates from Wet'n'Wild and Sea World in coming weeks so stay tuned!

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