The Parkz Update: July 10, 2011

Parkz saw the buzz at the construction site of Dreamworld's new coaster, rode Shockwave, and saw Kids World in its state of limbo.

Dreamworlds 30th year could well be it's busiest.
And while we were loitering around Main Street, we checked out the exterior of the Cinema. But, its onto the rest of the update now.

Kids World


Nickelodeon is out, and Dreamworks is coming at the end of the year at the theme for Dreamworlds kids area. In the mean time, everything has had prior branding removed and temporary generic names put in place.

Sky Rocket is the new name for Rugrats Runaway Reptar. Unfortunatley for us, the name Sky Rocket doesn't mean we've had a Premier Rides launched coaster built in it's place.
A classic name returns, with Angry Beavers Spooty Spin shifting back to the pre Nick name of Avalanche
Should have called it Zummer!
The Wild Thornberries have been dropped.
Taking a leaf out of VRTPs book and naming a ride after the manufacturers production model name.
And while they're at changing the signage here, can they please correct the spelling from "confectionary" to "confectionery"?
Looks almost the same.
But you can see from this older shot that the cutout of the amusemet boardwalk is gone.


There's a new ride in Ocean Parade.
Disk'o fever has been sweeping Australian amusement parks. This is the 3rd such attraction to open, after the versions at Luna Park Sydney and Aussie World.
This version differs from the others in that it is a so called Disk'o Coaster, which features a camel hump at the midpoint of the ride.
Guests sit on one of 24 saddles arranged around a circular disk. The disk is on a carriage that scoots back and forth along the wavy track.
A pretty fun ride overall. The hill in the middle has the effect of giving a bit of a speed boost...Not much in the way of airtime though.
A suprising nice feature is the headchopper you get whenever you fly through the loading station.
You get on and off the disk via this nifty little bridge with swing out railings and a swing up floor.
Lets look at the surroundings of the ride. Heres the sign.
The blurb on reads: Travel through an undersea  world to reach a hydro energy plant, the docking station for a deep sea  discovery vessel. We're guessing this garden with aqua coloured bark chips is the undersea world.
And this would be the Hydro Energy plant!
The backdrop.
Plastic drum = theming.
You might be forgiven for thinking the ride was still being built, but the backdrop is still plain white on the Kids World side. Lets hope this gets sorted when the Dreamworks retheme comes to the area.
Perhaps a bit of a bugbear with the main signage...Notice those patches...You might think they just haven't patched up some plaster joins and seams, or it might be a bit of concrete splatter from the tradesmen when building the ride.


But it was 100% intentional texturisation, like salt-water corrosion or something.

When the sun sets the station lights up.
All that remains is for you to head out and ride!



The new Maurer Sohne Skyloop coaster has gone vertical.

All we want to know is how many guests walked into the park today and said "Hey look, they're building a 2nd Tower of Terror!"
So far it seems more track is still to come.
Sick of one word captions yet?
The lift chain drive.
One of the tower segments sits beside the main one, ready to be lifted into place.
It's safe to say you'll enter the ride between the Helipad and the Pass Processing center in Goldrush.
Here's what you'll see in the main plaza at the park entry. In person, you can already get a sense of the large scale of this thing, and admittedly, we're excited.

That's it for this update, stay tuned for regular updated in the lead up to Buzzsaw's September opening.

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