The Parkz Update: Dreamworld, July 15 2011

Parkz hit Dreamworld again to catch up on Buzzsaw's construction as it quickly goes vertical.

Image: Parkz.
Buzzsaw construction progresses as they prepare to top out the main support structure.
The ride's train will be lifted to the peak via  a conventional chain lift hill.
Gears in place that will drive said chain lift can be seen on the track where the station will sit.
Buzzsaw will be the first new major thrill ride in Australia to feature a traditional coaster lift hill since Lethal Weapon in 1995. Crazy right?
The cap of the main tower ready for hoisting into place.
The station. As we mentioned in our last update, the ride queue will back onto Thunder River Rapids with the entrance roughly where annual pass processing now takes place.
As you can see there are lots of bits and parts for Buzzsaw in the carpark. More bits than parts though.
This photo perfectly sums up our passion here at Parkz for new rides, old rides and traffic signs.
It took the better part of Thursday to hoist this section of tower into place.
Plenty of checking and re-checking of everything before the steelwork can be lifted about 60m in the air.
 Bright red track that'll surely be a faded pink colour in a few years to match Superman Escape down at Movie World.
An overview of the station from what will likely be the ride entrance.
No denying that Buzzsaw is a true one-trick-pony. But at least it's a big one.
Fast-forward a few hours and we have the tower another level taller.
Just enjoying the view I'm sure.
The final piece of the main tower will be a the cantilevered support for the overhanging track.
You'll notice that the top piece is still supported by the crane; once in place there's no shortage of work required to ensure it's properly secured.
At 50% taller than Cyclone, Buzzsaw will certainly be a key landmark at Dreamworld for years to come.
The car park location was obviously chosen to maximise the impact. It's just a shame they didn't use one of the many plots of land currently occupied by closed attractions around the park.
Note the curve of the station structure that will accommodate the train on the curved track during loading.
Dreamworld's skyline has definitely changed forever.
Clear signage always makes ride loading much quicker.
Parkz would just like to congratulate Dreamworld for actually using band-aids to hold up laminated signage.
And yes, it has been 2,078 days since Skylink Chairlift closed and wasn't removed.
And onto Cyclone's queue where this wonderful piece of queue railing theming sits.
It's always good to tell people in a queue that we're up to TRACK03. Only 17 to go!
And over at The Lair, we note Dreamworld have really worked hard to make the attraction send out a positive message.
And then we rotate 180º to see Dreamworld's natural philosophy in action.