The Parkz Update: Movie World, September 30 2011

On the eve of Movie World's Fright Nights for Halloween, Parkz headed to Movie World to check out the park's progress on Green Lantern and new trains for Lethal Weapon.

Image: Parkz.

Green Lantern 

Since our last update Green Lantern has become a mess of black steel supports.
The lift hill track needs to go in at the same time as the support towers or it would be impossible to maneuver the track into position around the mess of steel supports.
The motor that will drive the chain lift is in place.
The motor on the left connects to a gear mechanism on the right, converting the high speed rotation of the motor into a slow, high torque rotation speed suitable for a roller coaster lift hill.
And kicker motors are in place on the station section of track.
We trust you enjoy closeups as much as we do?

You're right. Who doesn't enjoy a good closeup? 


This is as far as the lift hill track has progressed.


Meanwhile at the other end of the construction site you can get an idea of just how banked some of these turns will be.


Aforementioned banked track.


And they've broken through the park wall in preparation for construction of the ride's queue.


Footings that suggest that the queue will be a raised platform.
And a look at the outside of the awesomely generic DC Comics merchandise store.

Halloween Fright Nights 

It's not surprising that Halloween preparation is well underway. It's great to see Australian parks getting into the spirit of this American holiday.
The K-Mart guide to retailing: big, bold whole numbers = bargain!

Lethal Weapon - New Trains 

And over at Lethal Weapon, we see that they've got some new seats awaiting installation on the ride.
There's currently only one row ready for installation, but these KumbaK seats reportedly offer a vastly smoother ride than the existing constrictive Vekoma trains, thanks to the open lapbar-style restraint on the new seats.

Stay tuned to Parkz for all the latest on Green Lantern construction, Halloween and the unveiling of Lethal Weapon's new vehicles! 

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