The Parkz Update: Movie World, October 13 2011

We check in at Warner Bros. Movie World where their new El-Loco coaster Green Lantern comes together with nearly all of the support structure now in place. Today saw the tallest section of the ride installed.

Image: Parkz.
As weather turns sinister in Queensland, Movie World continues to make great progress on Green Lantern.
Since last week the ride's support structure has been completed and today the final piece of the lift hill went into place.
The top of the lift leads straight into an old-school 180º before the first drop. This brief gap allows riders to take in the view from up the top while also meaning the ride cars don't accelerate too quickly off the lift hill and cause excessive wear on the lift hill chain.
Here we can see just how the overhanging first drop will level out.
Supports for outward banked turns that follows on from the first drop and mid-course brake run.
Following the first drop the ride heads up into a banked turn that very nearly overhangs over the park ticketing booths.
Blank supports means that the many scratches that have appeared during construction are all-too obvious.
Workers presumably named Evan busily attach the final lift-hill piece to the support structure. That staircase we see beside the bottom of the lift hill? Stairway to Evan of course...
Green Lantern's gentle start.
That staircase we see forming allows easy access to the mechanical components of the lift-hill once the ride opens, as well as safe evacuation in the event of ride issues.
The criss-cross of the support structure gives Green Lantern's lift hill an almost wooden coaster feel.
With a bit of speed to it, this lift will give quite a pop as cars crest it.
Supports for the brake run in place. Two of these supports sit lower than the others to make room for the mechanical components.
Work continues with the boring stuff too...
Track for that first overhanging drop sits in the car park. The fins attached to the track are part of the ride's braking system that will ensure that cars don't pick up too much speed and cause excessive forces as cars hit the overhanging section of track.
Lots of twisted track still around... stay tuned to Parkz we watch this track become Green Lantern!

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