The Parkz Update: Movie World, October 22 2011

Green Lantern has just had it's last section of track added just 5 weeks after the first. Parkz was there to check it out.

The compound is now free of track segments, and only a few small bits an pieces like brake fins and kicker wheels remain to be installed.
Since our last update the two inversions have gone in, starting with the 'twist and dive' on the left.
The twist on the approach passes through a couple of boxes of supports, which should provide some interesting near misses.
The other inversion is a downward sloped "Barrel Roll".
You'll spend quite a long time upside down on this part.
The final turn is in place too.
We wonder if speeding around a sharp turn at height will give a real cliffhanger sensation.
No doubt the block of wood will be removed in the final product.

...And that strut will be bolted in too.

On the other side of the creek some decking and a small building are going up.

It shouldn't be long till cars are on the track.

 Well that covered everything nicely! With a couple of months till opening there is no doubt more to be done, so stay tuned.

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