The Parkz Update: Dreamworld, October 22 2011

In this edition of the Parkz Update we take a detailed look at Buzzsaws theming for everyone interested, and check out the work going on over in Kids World.

Image: Parkz.
Well that looks like a fun place in the distance. Shall we head down and investigate?



Lets head into Goldrush. You'll note that the sign has been updated with 3 new rusty saws to reflect the new attraction within.


If you've read the backstory on the Dreamworld website you'd know Jack Darke is a central character in the Buzzsaw backstory.But nobody did, so to everyone else, Jack is just a lazy bloke who couldn't be bothered opening his drink stand today.

Tthe ride has settled in, and the queues have diminshed, so we took a look through the queue theming without having to actually queue.
Wish I could take a buzzsaw to that tree in the background. The thing just ruins the constrast of this photo!
Evidently we aren't meant to go in.
Here is the view as you approach the ride building.
Interestingly, a section of fence has been lowered, allowing views into the Thunder River rapids boarding area.
Well, at least we aren't stuck in a queue.
The first bit of sheltered queue is a set of switchbacks. Curiously, the luminaries hanging from the ceiling are dummies, but the lights along the side are real.
Those lights are pierced and battered paint tins.
Normally the screens in the queue show burning timber, but we got this instead.
The general gist of the story is that a man named Jack Darke was killed in this sawmill when he attempted to break in burn it down. It's somewhat haunted.....And you are riding a coaster as a result?

Anyway, bits and pieces of sawmill theming are caged off with these signs upon them.

Yes, it's as narrow as it looks.
You pass more theming on the way towards the loading area.
Some of it is relevant.
And some of it is random, like this 'gold rush era' car muffler.
And there is even sawdust scattered on the floor in keeping with theme. Convenient for nauseated re-riders too!
As you enter the loading station you are greeted by this warning.
And of course this is Dreamworld, so any signage that was needed post opening is just laminated and stapled to the wall.
The load  area has a large static buzzsaw pushing through the roof.
Your onride photo gets taken as you pass through the station. Tip: For a decent photo try your best to remember keep your head upright and facing the camera. The G's you pull as you pass through the curve at the bottom tends to force your head down.
A simple harness design and fast operations tends to make this one load quickly. Also, note the graffit by the exit.
A fence ensures even the most rebellious of guests are funnelled towards the gift shop.
This helipad used to be the base for Dreamworlds helicopter joyflights, until an underfull fuel tank turned it into Australia's tallest freefall ride. Now the helipad has had some logging related theming chucked on it.
The exit path passes through the old helicopter booking office, which has some woodworking tools chucked on the floor.
And finally we reach the gift shop.
Some of the wares on offer.
Among your typical ride relate merchandise, like T shirts, onride photos and coffee mugs, you can stock up on Buddha statues, dream-catchers and incense sticks!
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Wipeout is undergoing a repaint and rebuild.
Definitley some serious work happening.

Kids World Dreamworks Retheme

Work is underway on Dreamworlds 'Summer Surprise'.
Of course, it's well known it will be the incorporation of Dreamworks characters into the park.
In the meantime a couple of shows are filling in at the old 'Slime Bowl'.
A new building is going up behind Shockwave.
The site was previously occupied by Nic Pix/Fun Snapz.
Looks like it will have a turret on one corner.

Despite these pics and the information known to date, it really does seem like an actual surprise as to what we'll end up with.