The Parkz Update: April 2012

Parkz checks out the latest re-theme of Dreamworld's kids area.

There's some new characters in the park, and a new themed area....
You're on borrowed time!
And here we are at Dreamworld's newest attraction...Central Cafe under renovation!
We kid, the new attraction of course is the Dreamworks Experience.

Madagascar Madness

The area is in 3 parts...Off main street, the first bit you'll see is Madagascar Madness.
You'll spot Melman, Alex, Gloria and Marty as you first walk in.
Watch out, they spit!
The spitting is triggered by this sensor.
Heading in further, you'll see King Juliens Theatre in the Wild, hosting Madagascar Live! Prepare to Party.
You'll notice the old columns around the slime bowl entrance have been wrapped with bundles of bamboo.
Did we mention this place is a big step up from Dreamworld's normal theming standards....Cocunut light fittings, cool.
We didn't see the show, but despite this, plenty of Madagascar characters were out in the area.
Heading further in...these guys again! Even if you miss posing with a costumed character, these statues seemed to be a pretty popular photo op.
Mad Jungle Jam is the old Rainforest easy retheme if there ever was one.
A nice touch, but the roof of Mad Jungle Jam has a leafy canopy now.

To be clear, kids dont get to play on the new yellow bits out the front.

Madagascar Cargo Hold is the new retail outlet in the area...Would you say it's a big box retailer?
Inside it's quite cheery, with all your usual co-branded merchandise.
So, this bit of the area is guest accessible, but it kind of just goes to a dead end at the back door. They need to turn it into something good, like some vending machines, or a smoking area.
Lets have a look at the other big retheme in Madagascar Madness...
...Escape from Madagascar.
So it looks like we're being flow out of Madagascar on a plane flown by penguins.

...And the plane was repaired by the penguins?

This can't be good.
Plane skids.

By using penguins for maintenance, Dreamworld has been able to avoid possible union industrial disputes.

The theming is just crate!
The station was a bit of a generic shed previously, but some effort has been made to thatch it up a bit, and stack some crates between the air gates.
A few more cutesy details in the queue.
Minor detail, but the OTSRs have been given brown leather wraps, though the seats are still green.
Clear for takeoff.
And that wraps up Madagascar Madness.
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Shrek's Faire Faire Away 

The other third of the area is Shreks Faire Faire Away.
You'll spot this directory sign as you enter the area, but we're not sure if it's supposed to say 'lorem ipsum dolor', or wether the graphics artist printed it without removing that placeholder text.You're probably wondering what the taped off bit of text hides. It did say "veniam incunt utre", but we're guessing someone found a way to find a rude word in a 4000 year old language.
To be honest, we didn't think to check wether bubbles come out Shreks bum in the tub. If he does, be sure to post, 'cos that would be a cool detail, if it existed!
This tub is empty and inverted, but we're guessing the conduit sticking out indicates something is going on top of it.
Pleasingly, the back wall of Shockwave has been themed up finally as a castle wall.
Like Madagascar Madness, there is a fibreglass figure photo op.
The big controversy of course is Dronkeys Flyers not being ready for opening day.
At the time of visiting, a couple still had to be put on...Note how the wings are attached to the lap bar, so they'll fold down with the bar.
This Dronkey seriously looks like it is possesed by the devil. Don't put your kids in this one.
Dronkey Flyers signage.

The Backyardigans Mighty-Go-Round has been renamed Shreks Ogre-Go-Round. They could have squeezed a few more words into the middle of that name for sure....Not trying hard enough Dreamworld.

Looking at gingys glider makes you hungry, or makes your teeth feel kind of wierd and hurty, depending on the sort of person you are.
Gingy is mushed onto the bottom with dough...or cookies & cream ice cream. Cute.

The old site for Gingys Glider is a seating area now.

Swinger Zinger is now Puss in Boots Sword Swing. Each of the arms supporting the chairs has board with a Puss in Boots related meme printed on it.
More quotations on the backdrop of the ride.
La señalización.
Forever Afters is the Shrek themed gift shop, connected inside to Madagascar Cargo Hold.
They really didn't let up on the theming details this time round, did they?
Can't help but feel these trees belong in the queue theming for Curse of DarKastle at Busch Gardens in Virginia.
Forever Afters seems to stock every drink bottle you could ever need.
Photograph ALL the theming!
You may remember from earlier Parkz Updates that we were wondering what this octagonal bit of the building was going to be....A castle turret perhaps, or part of a Kung Fu Panda pagoda? This is what it turned out to be.
Shreks treats was closed, but sold all your stereotypical theme park food, which is fitting for a fairground themed area within a theme park.

As we exit the area, we see that some signage is yet to be installed at the entrance to the "Faire".

Po's Kung Fu Garden

Po's Kung Fu garden is the 3rd part of the Dreamworks experience, but the actual attractions for it wont be coming till later in the year.
Despite the lack of rides, the quality of the theming is consistent with the rest of the area.
Another photo op...Po op.
Avalanche is still themed as avalanche and not yet rolled into the new area, but we reckon its a safe bet the mountain could have a chinese style building perched on the mountain top, with the attraction part of the Po's Kung Fu Garden.

The Lair 

The lair is back open as of the easter holidays 2012, with some new signage.
We were lucky enough to see a tiger from underneath.
"Come back soon". And that concludes the Dreamworks Experience and this update.

Until next time, Be sure to head down and check this new area out, it's really good, honest! 

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