The Parkz Update: Sea World November 2012

The centre of Sea World looks very different as work continues on major new attractions.

It's a perfect sunny day at Sea World.
Jet Stunt Extreme
Since the original incarnation of this show extra jumps and a grind rail has been added.
It's a good show, but we still kinda miss the pyramid of skiiers from the old water ski show.
As always, crowds of seagulls come to watch.
The funniest part of the show was the MC referring to the yellow balls floating in the water as "booeys"
Water Coaster
To facilitate the construction of Sea World's water coaster the Vikings Revenge Flume has had much of its layout temporarily removed...It's just a drop and station at the moment.
Looking across the site where the Bermuda Triangle loading station used to be.
The scrap left over after the removal of the Bermuda Triangle volcanoes. The new ride is rumoured to include a dark ride component in the old building
It should be a pretty substantially sized ride
Who else reckons the show building looks a bit like a 1980s suburban K.Mart?
The access under the bridge to the flume is closed off.
Sand continues to pile up at the old pirate ship site, but it's unclear wether this has anything to do with the water coaster project.
Some of the lake has been reclaimed too.
The exit ramp from Spongebob has been blocked off, so no photos from there anymore guys.
Seal Harbour
And now we move on to Seal Harbour, a renovation of some dolphin pools at the rear of the park, as well as new boardwalks and viewing areas.
The centerpiece is a viewing platform with a pointed roof and nautical mast.
An overview of the project site. It's due to open in a little over a month.
General Park Stuff
New paving on the path from the plaza to Sea Viper.
As of this visit, the fish food dispenser has returned from its hiatus.
We don't have a pic of this, but in front of the indoor section of Dinosaur Island are a couple of sandpits with fossils to dig up....It's a bit hot and exposed though so we never saw kids in there. We reckon a canvas tent over the top, just like a real archeological dig is the way to go.
Long time visitor and Parkz readers would know that Sea World generally has not given out plastic straws with drinks due to the harm they could cause to sea life in the park, meaning chugging down drinks was the only way to go. Now the park has biodegradable paper straws.
That's it for now, hopefully for our next visit we'll see the seals in their new home. Stay tuned over 2013 as work on the new water coaster continues.