The Parkz Update: Sea World, November 2013

We finally see Henry, the Polar Bear Cub, and check out how the theming is progressing on Storm Coaster in this edition of the Parkz Update.

Image: Parkz. Henry delights the crowds.

Around the park

The Queensland Government launched a joint promotion between the Gold Coast theme parks as the "Theme Park Capital of Australia". Is this the only time you'll see a Dreamworld logo on VRTP property?
Moving foward into the park, a rare sight, with the skyway running in groups of 3 gondolas rather than the usual 4.
Just in case anybody was under any illusions the train would be re-opening anytime soon.
The Plaza food court now sports a red and white colour scheme, giving it a bit of a "boardwalk" feel.
The other side of the building.

The colour scheme continues inside, and the place has had the 1980s woodgrain tiles replaced with something more stylish.

A section of the games area has been walled off. Hopefully this will see a bit a facelift too.

We tried out the new fully loaded hot dog. It tastes really good, but you feel like filth afterwards.

 Storm Coaster 

Work on Storm Coaster has shifted from track and site works to checking the rides' systems and putting finishing touches on the theming and landscaping.
Since our last visit the site has been cleaned up with a bed of gravel laid down, and a couple of extra oddly stacked shipping containers have appeared. The entire front end of the building has been covered by a stack of containers too, much like what you would see at a busy terminal
The centerpiece of the theming is taking shape; an upturned hull of a ship that riders will "crash" into. This marks the transition into the 'dark ride' section of the coaster, where guests will travel through the burning inside of the ship.
Guests will narrowly pass underneath the ships propeller. Here's hoping they make it rotate to enhance the "near miss" effect.
What's a water coaster without water? Filling up of the rides reservoir has begin.
An overview of the site...It's certainly the most immersive natural disaster themed attraction on the Gold Coast.

There's a  bit of land in the middle of the ride left over. Let's hope down the track they turn it into a seating area, or add a small kids flat ride or two to keep the less daring riders occupied.


For a moment we were afraid we would miss out on seeing Henry the polar bear cub for a second time running, instead seemingly having to settle for a seagull picking the eyes out of a fish.

But what's that sticking its head out of the water?

Henry emerges!
...And Mum Liya isn't far away.

To the parks credit only a limited number of guests are let into the exhibit at a time, so everybody gets a front row view.

For most of our visit Henry attempted to balance on a life ring.
Mum and son.

Henry is growing quite fast, so intending visitors shouldn't put off a visit!

That's it for another Parkz Update. Stay tuned as we follow the finishing touches on Storm Coaster!