The Parkz Update: Sea World, May 2015

Sea World is a hive of activity as Creatures of the Deep moves forward and Beach Break Bay makes way for the new replacement children's area that'll include a range of new kid-friendly rides.

Image: Parkz. Creatures of the Deep starts to change the skyline at Sea World in a very dramatic way.

Creatures of the Deep

These giant sculptures now dominate the area around surrounding the lighthouse. Note the new pathway that takes you around the edge of the lake.
They say that the front two-thirds of a shark is the most dangerous. The back third you can just pretend doesn't exist.
This giant squid is rockin' some fabulous tentacles.
Blending mythical and real is an interesting concept for Creatures of the Deep. Based on the scale and detail in the scultures, it looks like it'll work really well through sheer awe.
While the Endeavour is now gone from Sea World, this tribute of sorts exists in one of its former homes.
No creature is more fearsome than the legendary deep-sea tree stump.
The lighthouse has been given a decidedly lighthousey coat of paint.
Not sure why they decided do this dragon in water effect in a garden bed. Granted the lake is saltwater and influenced by tides which would make it difficult, but this gives off more of a giant mythical earthworm vibe. Creatures of the Soil?
We're guessing this fits into the mythical category?
Whale and squid just hanging out. #marriageequality
The humpback is situated in the lake, but they've gone with a bizarre fibreglass water splash effect that seems to contradict the realism of the sculpture.
Every other sculpture sits on the ground or otherwise integrated into its surrounds. Meanwhile they have stuck this lone whale shark on a few poles off by itself and surrounded it with astroturf.
Think it's ugly from the front? Check out the view as you head towards the park exit.
Creatures of the Deep will also feature an indoor section, much like its predecessor Dinosaur Island.

Jet Rescue returns

Jet Rescue is back up and running after a complete repaint.
The coaster is looking as good as new following the work.
Jet Rescue is one of those rides that doesn't seem to get much recognition despite being one of Australia's best rides.
One of the great things about this time of year at Sea World is that you can basically have the rides to yourself, particularly while shows are on.
Sea World are running a small fountain in the pool on Jet Rescue to minimise plant and algae growth. Take note, Dreamworld.

Kids Area construction

Beach Break Bay is now almost completely gone to make way for its replacement.
The carousel – a staple of Sea World from long before Beach Break Bay / Sesame Street Beach / Cartoon Beach – remains.
The old Customs Building has also been removed which really opens up the area they have to work with.
The existing garden areas look to be staying, and the paths will seemingly follow a familiar route for much of the area.
Air Sea Explorer seems to be the only ride other than the carousel to have survived the cull for now, though perhaps we'll see some of the old rides join the new ones in different locations.
The area will include a handful of new children's rides, including the Gold Coast's first real kids coaster.
It's great to see that much of the vegetation is staying put.
The area expands out into the land that was recently reclaimed.
To make way for an amazing new attraction, Beach Break Bay has been closed. Oh... and check out our caps!

Sea World general

Apparently Storm Coaster has mascots by way of the cantankerous Mr Rumbles, the crazy Sparky and of course the lovable Dropette. Did you know about these guys? Or that you can buy plush toys of them to take home for just $9.99. We didn't....
The show schedule has been integrated to the park map, reducing the amount of paper that is wasted each day.
Despite the show schedule not saying that it doesn't actually exist, the Monorail still boldly advertises SpongeBob ParadePants.
Amity, Sea World's resident Australian Humpback Dolphin, aged about 60, still cruising around the pools.
Feeding time at Seal Harbour as this Parkz Update draws to a close.
Naptime at Polar Bear Shores.

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