The Parkz Update: Dreamworld, June 2015

Work moves forward with ABC Kids World as we check in at Dreamworld in today's Parkz Update.

Image: Parkz. ABC Kids World starts to take shape at Dreamworld.
While the hype around Eureka Mountain's potential reopening has died down in recent months, snippets of activity are happening around the ride. Nothing to indicate that the ride is either opening or being permanently removed however.
For those still keeping count, it's been 3,137 days since Eureka Mountain Mine Ride closed and wasn't removed (or reopened).
Dreamworld frequently cites Thunder River Rapids as their most popular attraction. But then choose to operate it for only four hours a day outside of peak periods. Which means that for nearly half of their operating hours the ride looks more like a concrete stormwater channel.
Half the time this is the only way you'll get wet here.
Ocean Parade celebrates everything oceanic.
When most people think ocean, they think suspiciously good offers from timeshare companies.
Nothing says ocean quite like a V8 supercar.
Dreamworld's V8 Supercars area is set to expand significantly later this year. Given the area is right between Wipeout and FlowRider – Ocean Parade's two primary ocean themed attractions – it'll be interesting to see how they make the area work, particularly because Ocean Parade is looking the best it ever has since last year's redevelopment.
Cyclone is tucked in one corner of the area that is set to be taken over by V8 Supercars.
Construction is well underway for ABC Kids World.
Bright fencing now lines the river and foundations are in place on either side of the pathway for the new area's entry signage. Let's hope they do something about the bitumen surface.
ABC Kids World is on track for a July opening. Because of the simpler nature and smaller size of children's attractions, the area will come together fairly quickly over coming weeks.
Behind the fencing we see everyone's favourite wildlife attraction, the Dreamworld river.
Nothing like earthworks and rebar to get you excited about a childrens' attraction.
ABC Kids World extends the old Wiggles World area significantly.
The Bananas in Pyjamas Fun Maze takes shape, using the same bright fence paneling as the rest of ABC Kids World.
Concept art indicates that the area will be given a bright green flooring. Likely a soft rubber flooring as commonly found in playgrounds
Much of Wiggles World is undergoing a retheme for the new area. Here we see the (closed) Yummy Yummy store – what once served "delicious fun and healthy choices" has been replaced by two junk food vending machines.
Fun Spot will undergo retheming.
Much of the work also focuses on fixing and rejuvenating the very tired looking Wiggles World area.
The Tea Cup Ride is remaining at ABC Kids World but is currently closed for refurbishment.
The nine year old ride is looking a bit in need of some TLC. 
Many areas of cracked and worn pavement are getting long overdue repairs.
While in this transition period Wiggles World is looking quite bleak. Come July the area will hopefully be quite rejuvenated.