The Parkz Update: Sea World gears up for Carnivale

Sea World gets ready for Carnivale and Viking's Revenge Flume Ride closes after 37 years.

Image: Parkz. Sea World prepares for Carnivale.
Summer kicks off at Sea World.

Carnivale comes to Sea World

Carnivale will be taking place on the first three Friday and Saturday evenings in January 2017.
The event sees Movie World's parade floats disassembled and scattered around Sea World.
We're not even going to ask what this tree had to do to get so many beads.
Much of Carnivale's iconography is sea-based so it's a natural fit for Sea World. Here's Poseidon pointing the way.
Mexico's Day of the Dead is featured too.
As is... Severed Head Day... ?
Alligator from the swamps of New Orleans sits on the new roundabout at the front of the Sea World Plaza.

Sea World Plaza

The plaza roof's support columns feature new themed lights that helps make the area feel a little utilitarian. Some are in this wood-style wharf look.
Other light poles take their inspiration from early 20th century boardwalks.
Get yourelf a Chritma Elfie at Ea World.
The grassy knoll at the front of Sea World is now open and sunny with the removal of its shady casuarina trees.
Fun Fish Fact: ventral rust is the leading cause of illness for fibreglass whale sharks.
Sea World's oft-forgotten other water ride Battle Boats draws minuscule crowds despite hefty queues for Storm Coaster.
The monorail is apparently closed.
Nonetheless it was happily circling the theme park all day.

Viking's Revenge Flume Ride closure

The entrance to Viking's Revenge Flume Ride has been hastily boarded up following its permanent closure.
The construction fencing was later replaced with some pot plants.
Forum photo by themagician
The ride's final drop will cast a noticeable shadow over the surrounding area until it's demolished for its eventual replacement.
With the closure of Viking's Revenge Flume Ride, the castle's days are likely numbered too.
With Sea World citing a 2019 attraction to replace Viking's Revenge, it is the castle supporting its final drop that would be the most valuable land for redevelopment.
Its removal will hopefully see the convoluted mess of paths, bridges and dead-ends surrounding the ride transformed into something more logical.
Both Sea World and Dreamworld now have flume rides collecting leaves.
This is the only water we're likely to see in the flume channel ever again.
Viking's Revenge, though shorter in length, was really the pick of the Gold Coast's two original flume rides owing to its steeper and more thrilling drop. Of course the comparitively newer (and still operational) Wild West Falls at Movie World still reigns supreme.
Jet Stunt Extreme draws a modest crowd.
Guests watching from Creatures of the Deep.
And here we have the highlight of Carnivale 2017: Court Jester Booty Slaps The King Peacock Down A Hill.

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