The Parkz Update: Roller coasters and theme takes centre stage at Movie World

One roller coaster under construction, another suddenly closed while a third undergoes apparent "thematic enhancements". Elsewhere around the park, Doomsday Destroyer reopens and things are looking sharp with Chinese New Year in full swing and some little-known themed sections.

Image: Parkz. Doomsday Destroyer is back up and running at Movie World.
The hypercoaster construction site is being surrounded by permanent fencing.
It's great to see the stylised perimeter fencing going in so early in construction as it really is a welcome improvement on the temporary fences.
Footings have been sitting now for a few of months awaiting vertical construction.
They're a whole lot more interesting when they have supports attached to them. 
The construction site's staging area sits largely empty.
The new fence follows the same 'Movie World' style as that surrounding Green Lantern Coaster.
Speaking of Green Lantern, the new coaster's supports will be getting pretty cosy with it.
Looking towards the likely station area, plenty of footings in place here.
Of most interest is this angled footing that by the looks of it will support something at a particularly sharp angle.
Inside the park we see what's most likely to become the ride's entrance area.
Watching the hypercoaster's construction is like watching grass grow.
More footings, over towards what will probably become the station area.
The prominent ride closure signage from the ticket purchase booths were relocated some time ago to the turnstiles. It makes it that little bit harder to see which attractions are closed prior to ticket purchases.
At the booths themselves, the ride closures are shown in fine print on the digital screens in the middle of each. It's there, in the white text on black background.

Scooby Doo Spoky [sic] Coaster

The theming on Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster is being enhanced!
Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster might be Australia's best themed ride. I mean look at that... and we're only in the queue!
More thematic detail!
The castle detail is equal parts horror and cartoon. A perfect blend for a ride themed to Scooby-Doo.
Is it spooky? Yep! Just needs some coaster and more importantly some Scooby-Doo and we're set!
The cartoonish cobwebbed windows are a great touch.
Theming that literally gets better with age.
U wot m8??
Thematic enhancements. That's what we like to hear!
Heading into the station... the theme is literally all around you. What a ride!
You aren't allowed to use a camera on the ride despite the theme park's website OKing them for some reason (always follow instructions and directions when visiting a park, folks!), so instead we got in touch with our friends at Industrial Light & Magic who kindly took a break from the next Star Wars to provide us with this simulation of the current Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster dark ride section.

The actual roller coaster 'disco' portion is largely unchanged with its lasers and soundtrack, though the noticeably barren dark ride portion is a slip in standards for Warner Bros. Movie World. Even as a sudden and obviously temporary measure it is a blemish on a theme park that always goes to great efforts with attention to detail.

It's certainly admiral that the high capacity crowd-pleaser was kept operational during the busy peak period, particularly with the unplanned downtime of Doomsday Destroyer.

As for the ride's future, we reached out to Warner Bros. Movie World in late December to ask about Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster; a returned call or email from the park's publicity team never eventuated. For now it seems guests and fans of Warner Bros. Movie World are in the dark – both on and off the ride.

Doomsday Destroyer reopens

Yep, after months of frustration at watching crews work on it, it's finally happened. That's right, the gate is open! No more obnoxious "you must walk through our shop so you can be tempted by some of our wares on your way"...
Oops... spoke too soon.
Oh, and Doomsday Destroyer is up and running again.

The park's website currently lists 1 Feburary as its reopening date, so no guarantees you'll have as much luck as we did.

Arkham Asylum

Arkham Asylum, the target a lot of media scrutiny as of late.
Arkham Asylum is currently closed as a result of an incident where riders had to be safely evacuated due to a ride stoppage.
The upside is that you get to see this awesome themed 'Ride Closed' sign.
Superman Escape's sign of the same on the other hand...

Ricks courtyard

Heading over to the courtyard outside Ricks Cafe and the area is looking particularly sharp after its rejuvenation last year.
It's a pleasant corner of the park that unfortunately doesn't get much attention by virtue of its lack of attractions or outlets. Sometimes a nice, quiet corner isn't the worst thing though.
The arch that was rebuilt last year.
It's unusual in Australia to see this kind of detail in an area that 'just exists'.
Refreshing in any language... or something like that? (I'd like my kickback now please, Coca-Cola.)
The Moroccan look and feel fills the entire are.
Creating that cluttered market feel while also keeping things out of reach of guests.
It's hard to think how the park could make use of the area save for its primary purpose as a special events / function venue, but it's worth a look and a wander during any visit to Movie World.
Did we mention that the area is just really nice to wander through and look at?
Even the windows above are filled with detail like this birdcage... with a bird.
More windows, more trinkets.
The area has of course been used to host the Ultimate Terror Tour guests, which is about the most action the area gets with theme park guests.
It spreads out onto Main Street.
Some of those details that you've probably seen many times but never really looked.
Movie World is also in full swing for Chinese New Year 2017.
That awkward moment when Main St Deli's standard menu is more unique and interesting than Sea World's Carnivale.
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Speaking of sandwiches, let's take a look at what's sandwiched between the new hypercoaster and Australian Outback Spectacular. Hopefully a decent segue...

Topgolf construction

... nope, we're stuck with the sandwich segue. Just dirt here.

Groundwork commences for the first-in-Australia driving range concept.
That's some fine looking dirt.