The Parkz Update: Further work on Movie World's Hypercoaster

Blue skies are the backdrop for construction as Australia's largest roller coaster ever goes up at Warner Bros. Movie World.

Image: Parkz. Australia's largest roller coaster continues to shape up at Warner Bros. Movie World.
Perfect winter days means hopefully few weather delays between now and completion.
The knotted turnaround section is now completed with the last few sections of track in place.
Many support columns have arrived but overall the staging area in car park is still quite sparse as construction crews wait for more track shipments from Germany.
A support column on the Stengel dive has been removed.
It's quite bizarre to see the gap in the supports, but of course the structure is perfectly stable while the ride is still under construction.
It appears that a design issue might be at play here; the removed column looks to come very close to the airtime hill beneath it. The missing column might need careful reinstallation or tweaks to the structure to ensure it fits correctly.
The twisted airtime hill with the missing column in its shadows.
A very beefy support structure for the non-inverting loop goes into place.
Unlike a conventional vertical loop which exerts mostly positive g-forces, the twisting motion of a non-inverting loop means there are a lot of different forces in different directions, so the structure is considerably more solid.
This section being hoisted into place features a square mount that will join directly with the track.
In addition to the two supports at a shallow angle from the left, there will be another two at a steeper angle that will join at the end of the existing structure.
The support stump seen here will be the base of the left column. The existing two columns are seen directly behind the Skyreach boom lift.
One of these columns to support the non-inverting loop.
Both of these columns.
A support outside the fence provides bracing for the varied forces at play on the non-inverting loop.
A photo later in the day showing the completed non-inverting loop support structure.
Forum photo by ThemeTendo
Work will likely start shortly on the support structure for the other (exit) end of the non-inverting loop. It should be roughly a mirror image.
Many supports have shown up in recent days.
The large column at the left will mount to track at its square end, while all these other columns are intermediary supports, attached to neither the track nor footings.
One support for the lift hill has gone up. To the left the final section of track into the brake run, showing a bit of banking suggesting a twist up to the left to finish the ride.
The structure for the lift hill seen from within the park. Another set of large columns will be placed above this, to give an idea of just how steeply the lift hill will climb from the station.
The skyline at the front of Movie World with Green Lantern and Batwing Spaceshot.
The final stretch of track before hitting the brake run.
Mounting brackets for brakes can be seen along the straight section of track.
Work has started on the lone support in the car park. It will join to the support structure of the lift hill and first drop.
The supports for the bottom of the first drop. It makes great use of the natural terrain in this part, diving down to ground level.
Work on a footbridge has commenced. It is due to connect Movie World with the TopGolf and the rest of the Oxenford property that includes Australian Outback Spectacular and Wet'n'Wild.
Forum photo by ThemeTendo

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