The Parkz Update: Up close with the DC Rivals HyperCoaster at Movie World

See the DC Rivals HyperCoaster up close as we take a look at the ride from the construction site, the location of its official announcement.

Image: Parkz . Movie World's DC Rivals HyperCoaster as seen on the day of the official announcement.

Parkz was there to capture the close-up action of the DC Rivals HyperCoaster announcement. 

Blue skies and fuchsia track.
The base of the non-inverting loop is set in a ditch that brings the track almost to ground level.
Close calls and headchopper effects will be the focus of this section of the ride.
The track swoops down from a giant airtime hill into the non-inverting loop.
Roller coaster porn.
The helix that loops around the non-inverting loop is coming together.
Small scrapes in the paint are a common occurrence considering the logistics involved with assembling a roller coaster.
Twisting track heading towards the camera at the bottom of the non-inverting loop.
Ever wonder what it feels like to be roller coaster track? Neither have we. But here's a photo.
The bottom of supports for the non-inverting loop.
The footbridge to TopGolf is under way.
The bridge will make the Oxenford site feel much more connected with Movie World, TopGolf, Australian Outback Spectacular and Wet'n'Wild all connected.