The Parkz Update: The final elements in place on DC Rivals HyperCoaster

With only a few months before DC Rivals HyperCoaster opens, construction crews have capped off the last few ride elements with only the colossal lift hill remaining to be installed.

Image: Parkz.
The camel back hill is in place on DC Rivals HyperCoaster.
This giant hill is perhaps the most traditional hypercoaster element seen so far on the ride.
Together with the towering first drop, the sheer scale of this ride is becoming apparent.
The near vertical drop twists down in an incredibly narrow space next to the front entrance road.
The camel back is close to the height of Superman Escape to give an idea of its scale.
The track is seen to be slowly curving towards its horizontal starting point at the top of the lift hill.
The ride dwarfs its neighbouring Green Lantern.
A strap holds this piece of track steady until the next piece of track can be installed.
The first drop is as good as vertical, second only at Movie World to the neighbouring Green Lantern's 120º.
The next piece of track to go in place sits at the bottom of the first drop.
Back in the middle of the storage area is the next piece of track before that.
A vastly different backdrop to the park's entrance road.
This billboard has appeared along the front perimeter fence of the ride.
The longest billboard the Southern Hemisphere has ever seen!
The twist of the non-inverting loop. To the right we see that all support columns have been installed with the earlier issue of colliding poles now rectified.
The nice rounded curve of the non-inverting loop is sure to offer a healthy pop of airtime.
Add "most photogenic" to the list of superlatives Movie World have attached to this ride.
The twist out of the helix and into the final run of bunny hills has appeared.
It's these final three hills that are sure to offer some great moments of airtime.
The tiny hills are dwarfed by the giant camel back above, whose supports the hills snake through. It's great to see these elements, as Australia has been sorely lacking a true airtime machine.
This s-bend follows a very gentle hill shape.
It can't be stressed how much Movie World are punching above their weight with a roller coaster of this scale.
A twisting bunny hill weaving through the supports has been squeezed in just before the brake run,
This final bunny hill jumps over the creek at the front of the park so needed this unique support structure.
The ride truly doesn't let up until it hits the final brake run.
One final moment of airtime before the brake run.
Fins for the failsafe magnetic brakes have been installed on the brake run.
The first piece of the lift hill track. It features anti-rollback teeth, but no chain as this first section will be propelled by kicker tyres out of the station.
The second piece of the lift hill is also the start of the main truss structure.
These three plates will bolt into the angled concrete foundation that was seen earlier in construction. This particular point will support much of the weight of the lift hill.
The large box truss structure of the lift hill is quite different from the rest of the track to support the large expanse with minimal support columns.
It's unique to see a piece of track bolted directly to the concrete footings.
The channel for the lift hill chain is mounted to the top of the track. The return channel will be bolted on the bottom of the truss, but these are not added until after the pieces of track are in place.
Channels for the chain return. These can't be mounted until after the track is in place because the weight of the track would damage the thin open steel channel.
Black plastic strips are mounted inside the channel to minimise steel-on-steel contact which would cause wear.
Plates on the left side of the truss to mount the staircase.
These brackets will mount to those plates to support the lift hill staircase.
One of these mounts without the bracket.
And one mounted. The angled arm will point vertically on the finished lift hill to give an idea of its final angle.
The last remaining support columns for the lift hill.
This large support has been assembled on ground to be lifted into place in one piece.
The top piece of the staircase.
The camel back hill is taller than the non-inverting loop, which is taller again than the Stengel dive.
The rapidly changing skyline of Movie World.

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