Dreamworld CEO talks LEGO Store

Craig Davidson was on hand at the grand opening of Dreamworld's LEGO Store on Saturday January 28 to discuss the new retail precinct.

Image: Dreamworld. Dreamworld opens their long-awaited LEGO Store.

"This is three years in the making, from concept to what we see here today," Mr Davidson said of the the process.

In that time Dreamworld worked with LEGO to develop and execute the new Australia-first retail store.

"It takes that long to develop a really great concept."

"Twenty staff are employed – all specialists in LEGO – and we sent our new manager to London to be trained to operate this store."

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The success on opening day sees a particularly drawn out process come to a close. The LEGO Store was originally due to open in November but a tumultuous few months at the theme park saw its opening delayed.

That's all behind them now though, as crowds sprawled out of the iconic retail precinct.

"It's pretty hard not to be happy," said Mr Davidson of the opening day crowds.

"We've still got queues out the door into the carpark."

As for the ongoing development of this area of Dreamworld, Mr Davidson said there's more to come: "It'll soon be joined by a new food and retail mall next door to it."

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