It's a Stengel Dive: Movie World hypercoaster's first element completed

An overbanked, twisting camel back hill – known as a Stengel Dive – is the first element completed on the hypercoaster currently under construction at Warner Bros. Movie World.

Image: pushbutton, (Parkz forums). The final piece of track is hoisted into place on the Stengel dive.

Despite being the first section of track completed, it isn't not the first element that riders will experience. The Stengel Dive is located several hundred metres from the ride's lift hill and first drop which leaves plenty of room for elements in between.

Named for famed German roller coaster designer Werner Stengel, the element combines a traditional large airtime hill with an overbanked turn. The use of the overbanked turn means this hill is less about airtime and more about speed and the unique overbanking sensation that sees riders partially inverted.

A much smaller Stengel Dive seen on Thunderbolt at Coney Island.

The key difference between a traditional overbanked turn and a Stengel Dive is that the latter starts and ends as a traditional hill with an overbanked twist at its apex, while an overbanked turn is generally a more gradual, consistent turn from start to finish.

The Stengel Dive is shaping up to be simlar in scale to the same element on Flash at Lewa Adventure, Mack Rides' only other hypercoaster to date.

Stengel and his company Stengel Engineering offers consultancy, design and engineering services to most of the world's top ride manufacturers and his company has been involved in the design of countless roller coasters around the world, including Arkham Asylum - Shock Therapy at Movie World. It's not clear what – if any – role Stengel will have on Movie World's hypercoaster, though the company did previously consult on Blue Fire, a launched roller coaster from Mack Rides that uses the same track and train technology.

The final piece of track for the Stengel Dive being prepared for installation.
Forum photo by Theme Park Girl

Construction continues to progress on Australia's first hypercoaster, which will be the largest roller coaster ever built in Australia. The ride is due open at Warner Bros. Movie World in September.

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