Dreamworld's Eureka Mountain Mine Ride will not be reopening

Dreamworld won't be pressing ahead with plans to relaunch the classic Eureka Mountain Mine Ride following analysis of the ride structure and its viability as an ongoing attraction at the theme park.

Image: Parkz. Dreamworld's Mine Ride (as seen in 2006) will be permanently removed in coming weeks.

Renewed speculation about the ride's future started in early 2015. Work was seen happening on Eureka Mountain Mine Ride, a roller coaster that had been dormant at Dreamworld since 2006. Surprisingly it wasn't demolition work but rather inspection and even testing of the ride.

It was slow-going – Dreamworld no doubt had bigger priorities like the major redevelopment of Tiger Island – but Dreamworld gave cautious optimism in public statements about the ride.

2017 has been a difficult year for Dreamworld which made the ride's future look bleak, but in September Dreamworld announced that the ride's exterior mountain – but not the roller coaster itself – would be removed

The statement confirmed fire safety standards as the reason for its closure back in 2006, while also acknowledging what had been apparent for a number of years – that its decaying exterior mountain was not a good look for the theme park.

Dreamworld were also careful to note that they would be assessing the ride itself in order to make a decision about its future. This prompted a whole new round of speculation and discussion about the ride's future.

The Mine Ride closed 11 years ago and at the time didn’t meet modern fire safety compliance standards. It also no longer fits the visual standards of Dreamworld. As mentioned, once we have removed the mountain covering the mine ride we will make an assessment as to the future use of the site. Stay tuned!

Dreamworld Facebook statement, September 14 2017

The mountain started to come down in October and for the first time in three decades, the roller coaster track saw the light of day.

Over the course of October and November 2017, Eureka Mountain Mine Ride's namesake mountain was taken down, leaving the roller coaster's track and support structure visible for the first time since the ride opened.

Plans to proceed with this project in a pragmatic fashion were reaffirmed by Dreamworld CEO Craig Davidson in our November Interview. The ride's relaunch was always going to be contingent on a thorough engineering investigation that could only take place once the mountain was removed.

"If the track is deemed to be spot on, still good – and at this stage we feel it is – then we'll probably proceed with relaunching the ride," Mr Davidson told Parkz, at that stage optimistic about relaunching the ride.

Fast forward a month and the result of that investigation is apparent. Following an assessment of the ride's viability, Dreamworld have made the decision to not proceed with the ambitious project.

"The decision has been made to remove the ride completely to make way for a new attraction in the future," Dreamworld spokesperson Stacey Grims told Parkz today.

There are however no firm plans in place for its replacement. The decision to remove the Mine Ride permanently leaves the entire Gold Rush section of Dreamworld – with the exception of Buzzsaw – in a position to be completely razed for redevelopment. Eureka Mountain Mine Ride, Thunder River Rapids and its expansive water reservoir occupy about a hectare.

The remaining structure of Eureka Mountain Mine Ride is set to be completely removed before the end of the year.

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