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  1. daniellaforte

    Wild Mouse Now OPEN

    Wrong, Schwarzkopf had only distributed the mouse for several years. The Manufacturer ist BHS, today Maurer Söhne.
  2. daniellaforte

    Wild Mouse Now OPEN

    Hello from germany, Schwarzkopf never built a "wild mouse" coaster, only a "Wild Cat", but it´s a Galaxi-style Coaster. Best Greets Daniel
  3. daniellaforte

    Huss Ranger Photo

    I can´t see the photo. Can anyone help me to see the photo ? Who can tell me more about the chronicle from the Luna Park "Ranger" 1. Brisbane ? 2. Wittlingslow ? 3. Luna-Park , Syndey ? 4. Today ? Has someone a picture from the manufacturer sign, which is in the mid of the gondola ? Thank you Daniel