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  1. Anyone else remember Amazon's? I think it closed due to bankruptcy or something
  2. I remeber going there a couple of times, When it first opened and was really popular and when it was a few months away from closing. Both times were extremely different, it seemed so dark and gloomy that last time
  3. It was operating in early december,the line was quite big!
  4. Do the new rides make much difference to the crowd sizes?
  5. I've been looking at a map i got at RACQ, the new rides look pretty good. I think scooby doo had just opened when i was there last
  6. Found this site while doing some research about my upcoming trip to MovieWorld(This Sunday), the last time i was there was 2002! Does anyone want me to take any photos or check anything out in particular? It looks like most of the stuff i remember is gone e.g Maveric show, Movie Magic tour. Any tips
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