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  1. seeyoutheresoon

    What can be done for LPS?

    your such a dag aiden get a real job instead of yelling at some poor kids on the dodgems or the rotor get a life dude
  2. seeyoutheresoon

    luna park sydney drug testing

    as someone who has worked at luna and recent injury from extreme speed where attentand was injured i suggest they should introduce drug testing on employes also on team leaders as i know that it is a problem would you like to be on a ride where the operator is drug affected i know that this does happen so what should they do
  3. seeyoutheresoon

    Luna Park Sydney Ride Injury

    i wonder if the attendant was affected by drugs that is something to consider why else would you walk in a area that is deadly saftey is not as good as the park claims i have worked there myself and know more than some would like to admit hey silly billy