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  1. Anybody??? I know some of you must have ridden both Batwing and The Claw.
  2. Just wondering if anybody could give a comparison (in terms of rider size accommodation) between the restraints on Batwing and those on The Giant Drop/The Claw (which I believe are the same?). Also, is Mick Doohan very accommodating (more/less than Superman/Lethal Weapon)? Much appreciated.
  3. A fair theme is difficult to work with I agree, but it is the only area of the 'park' where the coaster can be located (I name the area 'Provincial Fair'). I think I will stick with the name Angus and perhaps have the queue building themed as the interior of a farm shed (farming equipment, hay bales etc). Because I'm bored I will share my ideas (uni student on holidays lol)... The park is a sort of New Zealand showcase attraction. The name New Zealand Adventure is stuck in my mind though I'm trying to think of something else because of the obvious DCA theft. The coaster would be the anchor at
  4. So I'm 'designing' an imaginary park at the moment (geeky, I know) and need ideas on something. What sort of theme/name could a coaster similar to Fahrenheit (Hershey Park) have located within an area themed on a rural fair/A&P show? I like the name Angus (as in the breed of cattle), but that's really just a name not a theme. Feel free to imagine... and please don't flame me for being lame!
  5. I am planning a trip to Surfer's later this year and am a little concerned over the coaster restraints. ^ I am about the same size, 6'1" & 130kg or so, so your post has put me at ease a little. I am just wondering whether you have ever tried a standard B&M restraint? I was recently lucky enough to be in Florida but could not fit into the standard seats on the B&M coasters at Islands of Adventure or Busch Gardens, though I did fit the "big boy" seats that they have on all of those coasters thankfully (Sheikra FTW!). Also, do you have any trouble with Dreamworld or Seaworld's rides?
  6. Yeah the programme was great. I didn't make any money out of it (had to pay for the airfares, and then spent my $6.70 as fast as I earnt it) but the experience was awesome. Disney is a great company to work for, you really feel like you're cared for - everybody is so friendly, especially the co-ordinators and managers! Being a cast member was great - free entry into the parks, 40% discount off almost all merchandise, could go backstage at any of the parks (the utilidors are so cool), could even use my ID to get Fastpasses lol. Any questions about it just ask. Anybody here in university should
  7. Are the restraints on Superman smaller/the same/bigger than the restraints on a B&M?
  8. I returned home 2 weeks ago from Disney World where I worked for 3 months in Disney's Animal Kingdom on the Kali River Rapids ride as part of an International College Programme. I would go on Everest almost every day before work haha (single rider line or backdoored by a cast member). Love that ride!
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