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  1. I don't think they will close it any time soon, cos they are currently advertising it on the "my fun" website with the release of the new batman movie. I would like to see it updated though with new storyline and ride moves and movie. It's one of my favourites cos I like to "get lost" in the fantasy. If you're a mum like me of kids that watch cartoon network and nickelodeon you'll know they do heaps of advertising for the superman ride and movieworld in general. They're currently bashing the scooby doo ride cos there's a competition on to win a trip to the gold coast. These rides will
  2. Hi all, when will this new ride be open? Hopefully when we go next in November? Lisa
  3. Hi Malamaza, and everyone! We're new members to Parkz. My hubby and son (age 19) are the Adrenaline Junkies, but I'm just a lover of everything theme parks, along with our two girls (ages 8 and 6). We did the Family dolphin swim in january 08. We loved it! First you get a talk from a trainer about do's and dont's, then they give you snorkel gear and lifejackets. Then you go down to the water, we were in the Dolphin nursery area, just next to the viewing platforms (if you know Seaworld, it's just next to the Endeavour ship). You get to meet 2 dolphins (we had Zipper and Susie). You get t
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