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  1. For some it is, but I would say only a small proportion would choose to go line up on other rides. As a parent when I use a qbot I want to sit in the shade, see the shops, get a drink, get some food. Its a fantastic product. It was so good that I decided to buy shares in the company who made it.
  2. thanks for the fedback lotl. did u get to speak to anybody from Lo-q.
  3. I don see a problem with them going on rides which are virtually walk ons. Either way I really hope this goes hand in hand with in park improvements. Certainly the last two years at Six flags can show how a higher standard demanded by managers can effect improvements in load times, all done hand in hand with technology improvements. I am very interested in users feedback of the system etc.
  4. q4u - webpage updated. $10 plus $5 per extra person. Typical 4 person rent works out at $7.50 each. Full explanation - no excuses for not knowing what you are buying
  5. ao we are saying 130 units x 4 people so say 5% of a good solid day. Thats not going to impact anyone else negatively. Even if every single qbot gets 2 more rides (cant see it) we are talking 1000 more rides across 8 high profile rides or 125 rides per ride. I think youre missing the typical demographic buyer which is a more affluent family, which may put 4 people on it but realistically mum and dad only ride a couple of rides whlst the kids ride say 6. I still reckon the average over all will be lower than you think . Season ticket holders, teenage regular enthusiaists just arent the targe
  6. there are loads of wristband systems although lo-qs will include several unique aspects. They are working on it with an us/indian company bartronics. Points below edited from interviw with ceo first is an RFID wristband. We are the only company in the world that makes a secure RFID wristband; and that has some strategic advantages for the market. One is we want to link people’s credit and cash to a wristband, as well as their access privileges. The wristband itself is just an ID device and can't do anything on its own without our software system solutions. It integrates into RFID point of
  7. Text q tends to work best at one line attractions. It has worked extremely well at madame tussauds london dungeon. It tends to cost about £1.50 a text of which half might well go to a phone company. There are several reasons in my opinion why qbots are better for theme parks. Not everyone has a phone, and there may well be several blank spot at a theme parks. Secondly time delays in receiving texts could cause chaos. Also overseas visitors tend to be charged a fortune due to roaming fees. Also lo-q are about to announce a waterpark solution. Basically not only access to rides, if ther
  8. i take on board your points although differ on opinion on some. Your figures are suggesting everybody who buys a qbot wants to go on every ride. That simply isnt the case. From experience some six flags might have 8 headline rides but the family market dont expect to go on them all in a day, probably only 3 or 4 headline rides , and legoland is no different really and it hasnt affected sales or customer feedback which has been great . Possibly lo-q will sell it with a 4 ride maximum but for less money. They talked about that model at the agm. All you are paying for is to not stand in the line
  9. 1) Limiting numbers is a crucial component to either system. Not necessarily. Lo-q's product can handle a much larger proportion of people and they are working on a product for every member in the park. It's more down to whether the walkways, shops, other areas could handle people not ina queue. Also lo-q's software is far more accurate than a cruder fastpass version. IT is being combined with accurate queue measuring froma compny called irisys. This means it can more accurately schedule times and increase load factors. 2) Is that really a setback? How does a ride failing not screw over Lo
  10. thanks richard - great post - let me read it few times to digest the issues and get back to you
  11. My view is objective from a family perspective. I have a miserrable time at a park due to the queues. I went to alton towers and waited nearly 2 hours with my 8 yr old. I can only go in school holidays at peak times. People choose how they spend their money. Would I buy an overpriced tshirt, no. Would i pay so I can wait drinking a coffee, or having a picnic - yes. Reminding people are poor is absolute emotional nonsense. Pricing will of course be key and hopefully it will be affordable. Six flags use it as a huge cash cow, which is a debate - for example $200 dollars for a gold experience, ho
  12. wow, some people are defensive here. Though this was a discussion forum and id share what i know about lo-q. Clearly im coming from a personal angle- ive already stated Im a shareholder with a vested interest. I compare dreamworld with legoland similar peak times, a very tight school holiday period where queus are long. L0-q products work well at any park above 500 000. I believe DW gets about 750k so its spot on. 80% of the annnual usage of qbots is concentrated in 50 rental days when frankly most parks cant handle the huge spike to attendance. Obviously holidays and peak weekends. A qbot
  13. People soon realise that people are actually waiting exactly the same time , they just have freedom to wait somewhere else doing something else. Legoland UK went absolutely fine this summer and UK attitudes to queue jumping are as strong as anywhere
  14. The disney though is troublesome. It doesnt allow for breakdowns, and causes awful bottlenecks and add to line times. This system is dynamic and can reschedule immediately there are any delays. You can also book any ride from anywhere in the park. They keep emphasising fair to all. In the states they seem to be more ablke to accept that people with money can buy there way tot he front of the queue, but Iguess UK and AUs attitudes are different. Lo-q are working towards a day when the park is queue free. I.e everybody gets a qbot and plans there day on it, however most parks infrastructure cant
  15. thanks . if they do it per ride thats a new development. Normally its say 20 dollars for one plus 5 per extra person added on, for the whole day if you hear anymore or see them installing it and can have a chat with them onsite, can you keep me informed. cheers
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