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  1. I agree it's totally normal to have a phone with you on walks, and it's pretty cool to see these massive pieces of warped steel up high. If you want to take a photo that's perfectly fine, but you don't needa stand there for 5 minutes tryna get a good shot, just take the photo and keep moving. The only reason you should be at the park is for exercise anyways, so standing there is not what you're meant to be doing out there. If you want to go for exercise, you have a mask on and live close, I guess that's ok. Standing and taking pictures, even worse without a mask, is quite obviously not.
  2. Wild Mouse has been updated as closed for maintenance on the website, does anyone know anything about this or are they just testing a new UI for the website. A while ago Joy Wheel was the same, but the UI was different so this may just be them trying a new one
  3. Will most likely be the Big Top like previous years. Like the last 2 events there will be 3 scare mazes which can all fit inside the big top. If there were to be a different spot it would probably by the Hungry Horse. Mr Bowler was the theme from last year when he gained control of the worker's minds and turned them into puppets, so if he's using the same tactic you should probably watch out on the new job 😂 It looks like he's enlisted the help on 9 undead witches this year, so as much as it would be cool to see a backstory maze, the mazes are usually random themes that don't really ti
  4. Congrats! I'll see you in the park then I guess lol
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