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  1. I really do think that Customer Service is just about the only thing that is holding Dreamworld back. There is no doubting that it is a great park. I has great rides, for the whole family, and has a great atmosphere, disregarding the far from appropriate attitude of many of the staff. The last time I was MW, which was quite some time ago, their staff weren't exactly the best either. However, by the sounds of it, things have definately picked up over there. So, clearly it's not impossible to do. Perhaps all DW needs to do is provide some form of training for their staff in the form of Customer Relations. Instead of a slap on the wrist when complaints are made, which I suspect to be the case at the moment. Ok, enough babble from me...
  2. How about something for the new "Soul" building on the Gold Coast??? It's gonna be the 'highest residential building in the world' or something like that, why not have something spectacular to ride on as well. There was a movie I saw, don't remember the name, where there was a coaster (mad-mouse car) that 'crashed' out of an upper-level window and proceeded to free-fall down the side of the building. Looked like great fun. And the ride ended up saving peoples live in the end lol.
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