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  1. surfdog

    www advertising

    i was in the car on a holiday over a week ago and between everysong they were talking about WWW and giving away free passes i think it was today fm or whatever they listen to around sydney
  2. I was in Port macquarie for 2 weeks on the holidays and heard word of a new water park being planned. I also found this: Theme park plan for aquatic centre Simone Plews Friday, 27 January 2006 A WATER theme park within Port Macquarie's new aquatic centre will be investigated, as will private-sector management of the facility Port Macquarie-Hastings Council will explore options to include waterslides, a wave pool, cafe and mini-golf in the proposed $15 million aquatic centre proposal at Macquarie Park. The centre would replace the existing Gordon St aquatic complex, and comprise a 10-lane, 50m Olympic-standard pool, 25m indoor pool, hydrotherapy pool and learn-to-swim pool. At Monday night's council meeting, Cr Rob Nardella suggested the council explore the additional facilities to give the centre a "tourist-type feel". "The theme park component could actually be run by the private sector," he said. Cr Lisa Intemann said she was concerned with the council's "apparently continuing determination" to pursue such projects. "I'm worried about how we are keeping tabs on these additions and the effect on our budget," she said. The council's infrastructure services director, Stephen Finlay, said the new aquatic facility was long overdue. "The existing pool infrastructure is getting old and tired. "The best option is to replace it," he told the meeting.
  3. yep... its a little shopping complex thing with all the take away shops, video shops, supermarket etc. oh you may get find it tricky getting to mw and wnw lol i got a little lost, its like a maze of bridges, footpaths and dead ends.
  4. well, its okay... i mean its far from luxury but its still pretty good. You can walk about 3 minutes up the road to mcdonalds, subway, kfc etc. lol i stood outside subway for 10 mins just staring at superman towering over the trees.Movieworld is about a 5 minute walk from the park and well yea thats about all there is to say, oh it has a swimming pool, tennis courts, a crappy games room with advertising still up from when the claw opened and it has this cool jumping pillow thing which is great fun at night. i stayed in a cabin, but you can choose from camping, studios, cabins and family cabins etc... when are you going?
  5. ok i did this exact thing 2 weeks ago.... i caught a plane from melbourne to gold coast airport ($240 return), and a shuttle bus (i think it was con-X-ion) ($60 return) from gold coast airport to the gold coast holiday park which is in walking distance to wet n wild and movie world. from memory the holiday park was about $70 a night, its not luxury but it did the job. We stayed for 3 days and did wet n wild, movie world and dreamworld, you can catch a bus from movie world to dreamworld for about 2 bucks. the whole trip cost us around $450-$500 each. hope this helps.
  6. surfdog

    Favourite Ride

    im talking about the die.... when you roll a die every number has the same chance of being picked... rides are different, you cant just randomly select a ride and say that its your favorite, you need to have an opinion.
  7. surfdog

    Favourite Ride

    yer but that doesnt get opinions does it, thats just complete chance...
  8. surfdog

    Track has arrived at Movie World!

    ok omg omg omg lol i just saw the add.... and well it aint as good as i had hoped for! its still great and all but mmm. and also was i wrong, or was superman going to be opening on the 16th... because on the add it says launching december 26th (boxing day) oh and they must have filmed the testing as well because from what i saw the footage was of superman and not xcellerator, but i was too exited to take full notice lol
  9. surfdog

    Track has arrived at Movie World!

    dang!!! lucky B!@7ch!!! i hope someone gets a video! how long do you rekon the ride lasts?
  10. surfdog

    Favourite Ride

    probably the claw... btw has anyone seen the new dreamworld add?? its very good
  11. surfdog

    there is an add on the bottom of the msn messenger main screen advertising superman now, god i hate how they say it goes 'superman' fast it sounds so corny.
  12. surfdog

    at first it looked great but its really kind of stupid
  13. surfdog

    Track has arrived at Movie World!

    wow Friggin Awesome!!!
  14. surfdog

    Peppermint Park information/photos

    wow i always go to port macquarie and i would never have known about peppermint park, i heard that it was just across from flynns beach, is this correct? coz theres just appartments everwhere now. dang
  15. i was in the car tonight and i heard an ad, advertising that...... not long now untill we see some tv adds yay