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  1. Thanks for the update Rob.. The photos are awesome. Sort of regret not taking that many photos at SFMM. Any news on the new one their building at SF Over Georgia? Aparently this is one monster of a coaster that goes outside of the parK? Is that true. I also heard that its called Goliath. Hulk
  2. Shrek 4D is amazing!! Does the staff also wear the Peasant uniforms like in Universal FL? Also is the exterior of the building themed aswell?? Hulk
  3. If your willing to sit in a room listening to people jab on about timeshare for 3hours. You can get 2 park tickets for 80bucks. We met people at a Hostel in Florida who actually did it, but dont recommend it!! Hulk
  4. Hey There Everyone... As promised i'l upload pics from the trip to IOA. Here are just a few so far and i'l upload some more of Universal Studios, Busch Gardnes, LaRonde & Six Flags MM... Hulk ***The girl in the yellow T in one of the Hulk photos was purely by accident! Just good timing! ;-)
  5. Its a big ride, but most of it consists of Bunny hills and not many "extreme" elements. My friend from Florida managed to get a onride video of this coaster. I'l try and get the link of him. Hulk
  6. Its a great ride! I've been on the one in Universal Florida. Its really entertaining and well done. The staff wear peasant uniforms and get you into the mood before going on the ride. It would be a great plus for Movieworld. Hulk
  7. Well its been about 6 days since i've been to IOA & Universal Studios but the memory is still fresh! We left our apartment at Daytona beach around 8 and got to the park around 9.The park had a promo on where for $80 you can purchase a 2 park pass. For those who dont know it includes IOA and Universal. We entered the park and went straight for Hulk. We wanted to purchase a fast pass, but the lady at the office was kind enough to tell us it wont be needed and sure enough the longest we waited for a ride was about 20mins. Now onto the rides. HULK: The hulk is a amazing rollercoaster. Jus
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