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  1. wonop

    Kevin Hits 11,000!

    Yeah. A bit more about Kevin. He lives in Campbelltown and travels by train 5 days per week to wonderland. When he gets to rooty hill he walks to wonderland. Apparently he's intellectually disabled and is on a pension. Isn't it great to see someone disadvantaged to do something with their life!
  2. wonop

    Canberra Wild Mouse

    Don't bother!!! That's my advice. I have been to downunderland amusements numerous times and it's a allright. At the moment the place is closed cause they sold the land. However they will be relocating and adding new attractions by christmas time. This is factual and not made up. The attractions consisted of a worm, swan ride, jumping castle, rundown putt putt, dodgem cars, a dieing sizzler, a ski jump (doesn't work) and the wild mouse which will kill someone, someday soon. Downunderland amusements, aka "Piss week world," is only $12 per day. Which is allright considering a ride at a show costs about $4.