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  1. Swagjord, by all means keep asking questions but I would dare say the best place to get an answer to that question is to call the park directly (phone number is on their website or found by a simple Google search) and ask them. "The Bus is now leaving for Question Mark, South Australia"
  2. You don't need to keep posting the same thing in 2 different threads, if someone has the information they will give it to you. You said in an earlier post that you are 175cm tall and 120kg, which really isn't that big. I can assure you there will be plenty of people that have been already that are that big and bigger that wouldn't have had a problem. I would suggest you go to the park but read the signs carefully before lining up for any of the slides so you know exactly what restrictions there are, if you are in doubt ask a staff member for advice (Customer Service rep or a Life Guard would be best) and if you are still unsure just avoid those slides. "The Bus is now leaving for Bigantic Creek, NSW"
  3. I'm not sure what to think of this, but I'm shaking my head. As a business man, Clive Palmer doesn't inspire investment with statements that he claims not to know how much it cost. Official Site Article "The Bus is now leaving for Palmer Coolum Resort featuring Palmersaurus, Queensland"
  4. The Daily Telegraph has a story with some nice photos here. "The Bus is now leaving for Telegraph Swamp, NSW"
  5. I find it strange that no one has uploaded any photos from the preview sessions. So here are some photos a friend of mine took at tonights nights session. "The Bus is now leaving for Photo Creek, Northern Territory"
  6. The arm bands for the season pass holders have been mailed out so they will be arriving in people letter boxes in the next couple of days so the soft opening can't be far off (which is pretty obvious as it's only 10 days till opening anyway). "The Bud is now leaving for Letterbox Creek, Northern Territory"
  7. Did you notice my birthday as well? Unlike a lot of people these days I don't put all my personal information on the Internet for everyone to see. I have made nearly 1500 posts on this forum and have been here since early on. I have worked at 3 theme parks, 2 in Australia and 1 overseas so I have a fair bit of experience on the subject of theme parks. Anyway back to the topic on hand, it is good to see that LPS are adding something permanent to the park, there is nothing worse than a park not doing anything refreshing, that's what Wonderland did and look where it ended up. "The Bus is now leaving for Experience Dam, South Australia"
  8. OMG YOU GUYZ WUNT BLEAV DIS but that tower they have just built at Luna Park is fully huge, just look at the photo it is heaps bigger than the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sorry I had to use that line from AlexB. I had forgotten about Shifty, can someone go find him and invite him back. If someone does go looking for him he'll probably be in a remedial English class somewhere. "The Bus is now leaving for English Gap, South Australia"
  9. Considering I posted my last at 11:22pm when I was half asleep I think I'm justified not reading the rest of the thread, many on here wouldn't admit to not reading previous posts. Where did I say it was a "classified" picture or that my friend had posted any information about the ride other than it was staying and who said it was a public post on Facebook? Get your information right before you start posting crap. Anyway I've attached the photo and as you can see anyone walking in the park will be able to take a similar photo so I guess my friends job is safe. "The Bus is now leaving for, well I can't tell you where because it's classified"
  10. I don't know if this has been posted yet or not because, to put it bluntly, I couldn't be bothered reading all the previous posts over the last couple of weeks at the moment. A friend of mine who works at Luna Park posted a photo of the tower today on Facebook and said that it is staying for good. "The Bus is now leaving for Botherling Well, Western Australia"
  11. The time frame for construction to start is 3-5 years at the moment. 'The Bus is now leaving for Five Acre Plain, Victoria'
  12. I didn't know Kansas City was holding the Winter Olympics, in winter that thing would make an excellent ski jump. "The Bus is now leaving for Ski Beach, NSW"
  13. Wet'n'Wild Sydney may open in winter. I hope they don't do this, it'll kill the park in my opinion. The fourth photo out of the six at the top of the article has two ex-Wonderland employees in it.
  14. Why is it so unlikely? Waves are measured from the base of the face to the top of the crest. It seems entirely possible to get 2m waves, the pool is well and truly big enough. "The Bus is now leaving for Wave Rock, Western Australia"
  15. I'll drive them if I get paid as much as I do in my current job and still only work 3 shifts a week. Wow talk about a massive blow up over nothing. Just because someone live out of town doesn't mean it's hard to find out transport information for anywhere on the world very easily. "The Bus is not leaving for Wet 'n' Wild Sydney, it's easy to get to, just catch a train to Penrith and walk, it isn't that far."
  16. Probably the only thing they will do is put no parking signs 500m-1km either side of the park but beyond that it will be a free for all. They won't be able to do much to the east with the large commercial estate there so workers from the businesses there will need to park on the street as there is little to no off street parking for them. And to the west they can hardly justify no parking zones down Peter Brock Dr (formally Reen Rd for those of you who like a bit of Sydney crime history) when there is nothing along there except a couple of businesses, the go kart track and the CARES facility, all at the far western end at that. "The Bus is now leaving for Brocks Creek Cemetery, Northern Territory"
  17. I would say that paid parking has been mandated by local/state government to try and push people onto public transport. If you really object that much to paying there are pleanty of places near the park where you can park on the side of the road and walk a short distance to the park. Does anyone remember that Wonderland had toll booths on the driveway? Chances are that the name was predetermined but they used it to get publicity and it worked didn't it? We're all talking about it. But in the end who really cares what it's called as long as it does what its supposed to. "The Bus is now leaving for Government Produce Siding, South Australia"
  18. I have a contact at WnW Sydney who has told me there is some amazing technology in the park so maybe the wave pool will live up to the hype, only time will tell. "The Bus is now leaving for Techelo Soak, Western Australia"
  19. I can't believe they didn't pick my suggestion: Bogan Bay/Billabong, I thought it was very appropriate for the area. "The Bus is now leaving for the Bogan Local Government Area, NSW"
  20. $145 per night, I can get a room in the middle of Sydney for much less than that. Unfortunately there are plenty of morons out there that will willing pay that, if they aren't from the area they will get a hell of a shock when they see where it is. "The Bus is now leaving for Shockeroo Creek, NSW"
  21. What do you base that assumption on? "The Bus is now leaving for Assumption Catholic Primary School, Western Australia"
  22. I took a drive past on Monday and was amazed at the size of the place, it's a lot bigger than I had imagined. The SkyCoaster is massive, Canada's Wonderland have one and from memory when I worked there it was no where near as big. As for the construction of WnWS, it's coming along pretty fast, it looks like most, if not all, of the building (toilets, change rooms, etc) are already done and there is a fair bit of landscaping done also. The hotel at the back of the drive in looks like it is just about done, the interior maybe a different story. The big problem I can see at the moment is the road, the road directly outside is being worked on, but go east or west more than a couple of hundred meters and it's still a goat track, as it has been for years. If they don't start work soon they are going to run out of time very soon. "The Bus is now leaving for Skyline Knoll, Tasmania"
  23. AlexB and others I have known Ammar for around 15 years now, we worked at Wonderland together. Ammar had his own real estate agency in Blacktown for a while before focusing on property development so I'm guessing any FOI checks would confirm this. What everyone has to remember is that Ammar is a Federal candidate who has put this information out there to get his name in peoples minds in his electorate. Do I think he will win a seat, probably not, but that is because he is not running for one of the major parties. I don't live his electorate so won't be voting for him. However I do believe that he will get this development started with the back of investors. At the moment it is still early stages so who cares about the renders and website, in time it will get better. And remember that the theme park is only one component of the overall project, this means that the park won't just be relying on rides to bring people in. "The Bus is now leaving for the Federal Electorate of Greenway"
  24. Oh was that a joke was it? Being racist is Ok then, continue on. "The Bus is now leaving for Joker Bore, Northern Territory"
  25. I really think this project has merit and as a property developer and federal political candidate Ammar has a real chance at getting this off the ground. Whether or not it comes together like the current proposal I don't know, but chances are it will change dramatically over time, like any development. I worked with Ammar at Wonderland and know that he has the passion, knowledge and balls to get this going. bladex, really? A picture of a character from a show called Citizen Khan, could you be any more offensive? I suppose you think all Asian look the same too? "The Bus is now leaving for Khanyunnig, NSW"
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