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  1. Hi, this weekend i finished my video from our tour to Helmond(NL) and Mouscron(BL). The Quality is not the best, because my Pc wont let me save the file in HQ, sorry for that. Hope you like it anyway. Load it here... Greets from Germany Auge
  2. Thanx for the answers. Here comes another question ;-) On www.eastershow.com they talk about a Goldmine Coaster, comming to Sydney. What is this? And if its a coaster, who owne it? Have anyone other coasters on Funfairs, may it be a "LittleLittleKidieCoaster". I´m searching for all :-) Thx and Greets Auge
  3. Hi, 5Month after visiting ThorpePark in Chertsey England(Uk), i finished editing the video. Click Here for download. Hope you enjoy it and give me some feedback .... Greets Auge
  4. Thx a lot for all the answers. Can you tell me the name of the showman of Taipan? Greets Auge
  5. Hello, Searches in other languages brings you more hits. Rollercoaster: achterbahn(german), achtbaan(dutch), bergbanan(swedish), hochschaubahn(austria), atraccion(castilano) Amusementpark: freizeitpark(german), preetpark(dutch?), parque(castilano), attractiepark(dutch), you can also go to: www.onride.be www.coasters.ch www.wimmerl.com www.americacoasters.com www.themeparkreview.com Or you use a "youtubeclone" like www.myvideo.de greets Auge
  6. Hello, have anyone information and pictures about travelling coasters in Australia or can tell me where i can find such stuff? RCDB have only parkcoaster and on www.coaster-count.com, wich is also a big coasterdatabase with faircoasters, i din´t found a travelling one from Australia. Thx for your help Greets Auge
  7. The old owner, sold the Park. The licenses to use Looneytoons and other Moviethemes had gone with Sixflags and so the new owner renamed all affected rides, Leathal Weapon Persiute and WildWildWest, too. The Gremlins Inversion must closed and the LooneyToone Adventure were rethemed to Ice Age. The Neverending Story Changed to a 3rd Class Riverride with nothing special. From 2005-2006 the SLC was called FX At this year in the zone of the SLC, will come a new aerea, and i think they will rename it again, to fit in Santa Monica Peer. Now we are all Happy here, that the Movie comes back to Movi
  8. Sure. This is the SFC, Jimmy Neutron's AtomicFlyer. Build with the new Chases from Vekoma. Pictures on Coasters And More Here Infos about the chases Here Infos on RCDB Greets Auge
  9. Hello, my favourite coaster is Black Mamba at Phantasialand Brühl - Germany. Information on RCDB The ride and the great theming makes the coaster very unique. Greets# Auge
  10. Hello, here is a Picture of the construction of "BikiniBottom" SplashBattel. There you can see much better the needed space to build such a ride. Also have a look over the nice Skyline of "Ruhrbasin" Germany Greets Auge
  11. Here some more Informations about Schäfers Coaster, i´ve totaly forgotten, because it never came. The Inovation is from 2004 and at this time they thought about a realisation for 2006, but this not happened. Also there will be no SchäferMotorcycle Coaster in 2007 and for 2008 is nothing announced, too.
  12. No,i did not asked you. But i wonder where Coasterboy get his information about a coaster no one knows Greets AUGE
  13. No, Vekoma use a Cablelaunch, zamperla use LIM, i think. Where did you get the information about the cable launch? Greets Auge
  14. A Short History Overview about MotorcycleCoasters: Intamin will be the 3rd constructor of MotorCycleCoasters, i think. Vekoma came first, 2004, with their Boosterbike at Toverland 2005 they built the biger one, Velocity, in England and 2006 came a BoosterBike Clone, Motorbike Launch Coaster, to China. Zamperla came in 2006 with their Version of a Motorcyclecoaster, MotoGP. Link to MotoGP Video1 Video2 More Pictures Lets see how Intamin makes it in 2007..... Greets Auge
  15. No, they wrote MovieWorld Germany ;-) However, it is actualy possibile that the Coaster comes to WBMW?
  16. Its a Link from the German Onride Board. I didnt kow more about the magazine, Sorry. The Boosterbike from Vekoma is a good coaster and makes a lot of fun. A MotorcycleCoaster from Intamin must be Very very Good. I dont kow if its real. They came with lots of unknown News. -Coaster for WBMW or MP Germany -BallCoaser Terra Mitica -Mega Coaster Tobu Zoo -Wooden Coaster Everland - and last but not least the DreamworldThing Hope no Hoax in it. Greets Auge
  17. The name of the Sfc is now official. It will be called Jimmy Neutron´s Atomic Flyer The new Splashbattle will be themed like Bikini Buttom and become a SpongeBob Style. Both rides are under construction at the new Nickelodeon Area of the Park with other NickRides. All news on Preview2007.de Greets Auge
  18. Hello, the traslation is nearly coerrect. At that point its clear for me what Talocan is. I think its a Supended Topspin from Huss like Tombrider Firefall at Paramouts Kings Dominion.. CLICK Its fits. As you can see on this 4 Pictures it must be a Suspended Topspin. Talocan Construction 2 Days ago Tombrider FireFall Construction Other Pictures At least the Phantasialand build always unic Rides, so i thing Talocan will be a little bit different to Tombrider an the Chase will be hanging into the Hole, as you can see on the red Cyrcles. Greets Auge
  19. A new Motorcyclecoaster from Intamin is planed for Dreamworld. Click and go to PAGE10 Greets Auge
  20. Hello, at the German Board onride i found a Link wich says that MovieWorld Germany will get a SurfRider Coaster from Intamin. Click(and go to page 10.) But for Germany this is not possible, because the park get other rides and coasters this year and a DiskoCoaster, too. The Surfrider should be a Halfpipe wich is nearly the same as Disko Coaster. And Movie Park disclaimed that on theirPreview2007 Page At least Moviepark were called MovieWorld at the News. So is it possible that WBMW get the Coaster? Did anyone heare about that rumor? Greets Auge
  21. The roughness is typical for a SLC. At the most Boards the coaster is called SlappingLoopingCoaster. I never ride Leathal Weapon but el Condor at WalibiWorld, MPX at MoviePark and Limit at Heidepark are very rough. And i´ve heared that Vampire at Walibi Belgium and the SLC at Gardaland (wich is the same Model as LWP) slapps, too. Greets Auge
  22. No, Superman´s Tower is a little bit taller, thats is the only difference , the rest is the same technologie. Same Speed Same duartion Same acceleration ... Look at RCDB: ToT StE and also here Record Holders Speed In 1997 StE costs $20,000,000 USD Greets Auge
  23. No StarGate in 2007, it will be finished in 2008. Posted today on: www.preview2007.de the official NewsPage of MP. But a Ferris Wheel and 3 other little Rides will be Build at a new Sea. Greets Auge
  24. But no Panic, it´s the American One Here you can see that SfMm is selling his Twin-Reverse Freefall Coaster Superman The Escape @ SixFlags Magic Mountain I´ve heard a rumor that its in cause of noise from the Coaster. The Australian ToT at Dreamworld is loud, too, isn´t it? Greets Auge
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