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  1. Nemesis wouldn't work for me either
  2. RCT3 gives you the chance to BUILD your own Roller Coasters and theme parks, but if you want to be your own ride-op, then check this out! Over at towerstimes.co.uk they have 5 ride simulators for 5 Alton Towers rides (Ripsaw, Submission, Blade, Nemesis and Air). You control the harnesses, the stopping and in some cases the ride pattern, so... Air Simulator Nemesis Simulator Blade Simulator Submission Simulator Ripsaw Simulator enjoy what u think?
  3. Yeah Gazza, it was mainly just the old hag in SCSC that got on my tits. The rest were pretty much friendly and kind!
  4. i tried to get out the emergancy exit but couldnt oh well..
  5. We had a group of 5 and we were planning a 3 and a 2, she split us so that 1 of us had to go alone... that didn't make my day. And Alton Towers just didn't do it for me, in terms of theming and presentation, MW is a knotch above AT - even though AT has "better" rides.
  6. Yeah, and when we were inline for Scooby, there was this really mean girl who was like ordering us to get into groups of 4, so annoying... and eep! Batwing... next time I go to QLD you're coming with me and we're going on it >:]
  7. im a movie world virgin ok, well we got there early as usual, but the queue's were still massive. we had to wait even longer because we had a summer pass. but yeah, once we got in it was awesome! i really like movie world, before i go into detail - this was my favourite park all round. there's so many things to do and see, and not to mention the theming is perfect. anyhoo - scooby doo! im a wimp when it comes to dark rides, so i screamed alot on this. i loved the lift and the backwards drop, the lighting was good and oh - forgot to mention the wait was only about 5 mins - so this was a gre
  8. Well this was my first ever time going to Dreamworld We left early and got there about 9.30, but the rides were already operating. Luckily there was hardly any people in the park. In the morning I wasn't feeling too well, so I decided to go on Runaway Reptar before I tackle the big rides. Even though it small and not that fast, it was fun but it didn't help my sickness. We went to the Cyclone next. Ok, the first thing about the Cyclone that I didn't like is the queue line. It would be an awesome queue line if it was full, but when there's no-one in the park going around and around is just a
  9. We're not going for the whole day.
  10. I've decided I will go on the Green Room, just as long as the lines aren't gigantic. There's not a huge amount of rides (well, compared to WnW anyway) so I think I might just go on it And doglover, cheers for that I'm going tomorrow... TOMORROW! OMG! Plane tonight, then check-in, then breaky then we're off Gonna be loish! haha, loish..nah it will be awesome. I'm looking forward to the RIP + the BRO, funnily enough not so much the GR and the STHC...
  11. Cheers myk. I think I might skip out Green Room and head straight for the rip - I'll do the tornado at WnW.
  12. How packed is it exactly? Give me rough waiting times for some of the rides.
  13. Haven't been on here in a while - hope you all had good Christmas's / New Years or whatever you celebrate over the holiday period! Anyway, on Monday I'm flying over to Queensland for the FIRST TIME EVAAAA! We're going to White Water World, Movie World, Wet 'n' Wild and then either Dreamworld or Sea World. Probably Dreamworld, but heh, I'm easy. I'm really looking forward to it - I do need a holiday Anyhoo, a while back I asked for some park planning and advice, just want to know if you have any more or tips or tricks to getting round some of the parks and get what you want done, etc etc etc
  14. Hey - would just like to ask the same if that's alright, heading up there and we will be hitting the park on Tuesday - so what should I tackle first? Last? Anytime of the day? Sorry to intrude Swanny!
  15. How awesome does that look! Can't wait to ride it Alll night long.. or not.
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