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  1. I'm just glad that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is Game of the Year instead of MW2. MW2 is somewhat overrated (I still see as Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 as better shooters, KZ2 certainly looks better), whereas Uncharted 2 really deserves this.
  2. Talk about re-inventing yourself...
  3. Is Peppermint Park the place that had a ride that twisted through some bushland? I'm not quite sure how to describe it. The best description that I can give is that it was somewhat like a monorail, though with smaller cars that were open.
  4. How much money, approximately, would they actually be saving by opening the shops later? I know this is probably hard for people to say, but some employees may know. I wouldn't think that it would be a very worthwhile strategy for them to be implementing.
  5. Yes. What the e-mail was saying was that on the 8th of October, VIP Annual Pass holders were able to get into WnW an hour before the general public to ride Kamikaze, like the early entry at DW. They were not referring to an early entry on the day of its debut.
  6. A few people have mentioned the similarity. I'm sure some would have considered it as interesting.
  7. I still think that Kamikaze looks as though it's basically just half of the Tornado funnel.
  8. Looks like Movie World has finally realised that they are so far behind other parks when it comes to bins. It's good to see that they're really picking up their game recently in areas where they are clearly lacking. I heard that management is discussing the idea of putting a roof over each bin in the park, so that people may dispose of their rubbish no matter what the weather is like. At least that will be more beneficial than some of their more recent roofs.
  9. I was quite surprised myself when Microsoft removed the 'Normal' special effect and all other effects from WMM. Oh well, we'll just have to stick with the standard rainbow colours display. Only joking buddy. I think that what Gazza was saying is that you needed no effects in your video.
  10. I actually preferred it when WnW had a consistent colour scheme throughout the entire park. It just made everything flow better. The colours gave it a more tropical look.. it suited the park. I haven't seen it yet, but this bright red colour sounds as if it sticks out quite badly. The large variety of colours works for WWW because the park itself somewhat reflects this fun, busy nature. Wheras WnW, to me, seems to have a more relaxed, tropical feel.
  11. Is it because jjutpp is so disgusted by his/her own posts that so many are titled with an emoticon that is about to be sick? As far as a replacement for Stephen Gregg goes, as long as they are concerned with fixing the things that need to be fixed very soon, I will be happy. With their recent profit growth, there's nothing really stopping them from improving their maintenance of rides and other areas of the park.
  12. True, but I did make sure that I said that it looks as though it is going to kill the atmosphere, because I knew that someone would pull me up on that statement. Well, you do have a point. But, the shelter is only going up in mainstreet. The two main reasons that people would be walking down mainstreet would be to go to other rides and attractions, or to go into shops. I don't see that the roof will make much of a difference, considering that people will be sheltered inside shops or ride queues. People don't just stand in the middle of mainstreet for extended periods of time. The only time during the day that I can see it being any major help on a rainy day is during the Star Parade, but this is only a small part of the day. On a day were the weather was so bad that you need a roof like this, a large number of people probably wouldn't even go to the park in the first place. I don't really know enough about the events to really discuss them in relation to the roof. But if people are giving the argument that the roof will be great for night time events-great! The 2 days a year that Movie World is open at night will be spectacular! (and I'm joking, please don't come at me with things like "It's open more than 2 days"... you know what I mean) Trouble is, the other 363 days that its not open at night will have Mainstreet looking as if its night time anyway...
  13. This is a joke. One of the key things that separates Movie World from Dreamworld is the fact that Movie World has a great atmosphere, unlike Dreamworld recently. But this ridiculous, unnecessary blocking out of the sun looks as though it is going to kill the atmosphere of the place. It's ugly and pointless. I just don't see how this could have benefited Movie World. They're getting no money from it, its unnecessary and is not aesthetically pleasing.
  14. Sorry, I just realised that I left out the rather vital part of my post, indicating that I was referring only to those that ARE motor club members. Apologies for the mistake.
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