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  1. I have to agree with tipsy. I was keen to find out about the planned expansion during my WWW day last weekend so I asked a few WWW Lifeguards about what was happening. They all seemed to knock the expansion plans on the head and spoke about winter staff cut-backs (hahahah) rather than park expansion. One lifeguard also said not to expect anything this year (or maybe next?!?) due to the current economic crisis (?!?!). It's a shame because WWW has so much potential in my opinion! Oh on a side note I was very disappointed to see SO MANY LEAKING ATTRACTIONS throughout the park! Take a clos
  2. I do think a tandem slide would be a positive inclusion to wiggle bay. Although it would have to account for such a shallow splash down area. As long as no laws/rules are broken I don't see a problem with such an investment. TMB
  3. I agree with a lot of points AlexB has raised in this thread. I also agree that a forum without open opinion (aka moderated dreamworld V8blog) is about as much a forum as BB is a 'reality' TV show! If the Dreamworld brains trust (PR staff included) had followed the posts over the last year (2years?) on this website and it's predecessors they should of predicted the V8 blog response considering that there has been a rather negative tone developing. Certain people would view this as something to stamp out or censor but other more professional readers could invite these opinions and 'use' them
  4. Hmm well this is one persons experience at WWW and it's unfortunate it has been negative. Since I have been to WWW by myself with my young child I can offer a different and more positive comment. I often play at wiggle bay with my daughter and at first I was a little disappointed that I couldn't ride the slide with her. But after chatting to the lifesaver on duty I found out a number of useful pieces of information. Firstly that there is some health and safety law preventing tandem riding on waterslides without a suitable tube and that there are signs on the top of wiggle bay slides that a
  5. hahaha You can take the child out of the theme park but you can't take the theme park out of a child... Seriously guys.. recess is over now it's back to work! It's funny that Dreamworld/WWW has stated that visitors aren't spending as much per head because if anyone has noticed they have increased entry (for adults) to $69... so perhaps they are aiming to take a little of that unspent money at the gate?? TMB
  6. Hmmm.. a new ride opens at WnW which begs me to ask the question: "Has there been any new construction at WWW?" It would be good to see the expansion begin! TMB
  7. Good call mate! I also think Flowrider was an ok addition. Perhaps they will incorporate it into the water park at some later stage? Last time I rode it the attendant told me it was the 'only' ride people buy annual passes for just so they can ride again and again and perform better tricks (so this has to be good business doesn't it?). Perhaps there is more in store for that area of the park. Oh.. almost forgot - the Dreamworld/White Water World entry is going to be moved from the shop on the left of Flowrider to the right of the Flowrider ride (if your interested!?!). New signs went
  8. Took the time to visit WWW on such a hot day today! The park was pretty busy with a few queues here and there.. but it was very enjoyable all the same.. Overheard a couple of the Lifeguards talking about a recent resignation/retirement of Dreamworld CEO Stephen Gregg. Not too sure what to make of it but they seemed adamant. Although he has his opponents I think that his resignation is a loss the the park(s) - ignoring the motorcoaster ;-) I wonder who would be a worthy replacement? TMB
  9. Hmm.. redundancies would probably reflect a defensive stance taken by DW to cut costs due to the current economic conditions (i.e. Lowish attendance or even cash spent per person). I wouldn't call it unexpected! Over the last month or so a number of big name companies have cut staff at the middle to upper management level and used the economic conditions as a reason. Whether or not this occurs at other theme parks is a mystery.. I guess it depends on how well they are performing in times of low disposable income...? I have always wondered how important the roles of these management types a
  10. Here's the deal.... It's now early June and I know it doesn't take THAT long for the construction of new attractions/slides etc. so I am willing to put not just $10 but $50 (I'm poor) that the ONLY new WWW/DW ride for 2008 is going to be the spongebob one (flypants??). I've been watching MLE's stock price and it really hasn't recovered at all over the last 6 months and this is what I'm using as support to my bold claim. Any punters willing to take me up on that bet?? ;-) It's a bit of a negative call but I have a 'gut' feeling that the decline in attendance will continue due to poor weat
  11. I agree AlexB. I'm sure we have covered this all before - coat of paint, do up this, do up that.. yadda yadda *Yawn*. Anyhow after the above ramble I think Dreamworld should just work on bringing back the 'magic' the park used to have. I have wondered whether it was just me growing up, becoming more cynical and losing that child-like ability to be excited by anything OR it was Dreamworld becoming a little run down and more revenue driven? I guess that the simple things like bringing back the bush ranger show or the old convicts that used to walk around with ball and chain, or the old
  12. Things are looking grim for the extension. A quick discussion with one of the lifeguards at the little rippers slide was disappointing. He thought that the extension wasn't going ahead in the near future and that all the current construction in the area behind White Water World was due to new engineering or grounds keepers sheds. He also said there might be a few less attractions in the extension than first planned. I drove past the construction area after my day at the park and it certainly just looks like the foundations for a bunch of enclosed areas/sheds...? Just speculation but i'v
  13. An interesting discussion... Theme parks traditionally cater for the lazy. Everything customers want should be within 1 or 2 minutes walk at least. Now from a 'healthy society' perspective I believe that words like 'lazy' or 'obesity' come to mind but you have to understand that theme park customers pay for this privilege. Apart from the obvious physical appearance (i.e. above photo ;-) ) nobody knows the sorts of physical activity these customers undertake every day. But the cost to the park to install elevators etc would be far too great. First the elevators, then the bigger tubes, the
  14. Ah Yes Disney has done it - I stand corrected! I wonder if Disney left their theme park goers in the lurch also? Thanks guys TMB
  15. yawn... I guess that perhaps the foam used in the mountain could be a fire hazard and the toxic fumes could kill people before they could get out of the mountain. A fire retardant coating would just be too expensive and very labor intensive. So the ride sits in the 'expensive to fix' and 'too hard basket' right now. I'm probably not too far from the truth as I believe the foam used in the construction of the mountain has come under intense industrial and commercial scrutiny as of late.. wish I could remember the foams exact name so i could include a reference to the article I saw..
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