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  1. varekai

    Bermuda/LTRR/Batman - replacements?

    I think a permanent Arkham Asylum maze would be awesome in replace of Batman, similar setup to the Universal House of Horrors in Hollywood?
  2. varekai

    Green Lantern Coaster

    I am so over the whole, 'it's not a B&M' mentality. Get over it! It's something new, and a new experience not yet had here in Australia, be happy.
  3. varekai

    Bermuda Triangle

    I think it's safe to say it is going to be hard to watch Bermuda go, I mean, what if they spend heaps of money on a new attraction that may be even worse than Bermuda in it's late days? I really hope they're re-vamping Bermuda, or using the same concept. I've always been captivated by the volcanoes and the whole theming, I'd rather see them pay big bucks to get it back to old standards (or close) than to see something new.
  4. varekai

    Bermuda Triangle

    Does anybody know where I can find some images or information on the old ride that was in place before Bermuda? I'm really interested to see what it was like.
  5. varekai

    Tower of Terror Update

    It might not be hitting the top, but it will look a hell of a lot higher once you're looking down. I'm really excited to see how the experience is once it's opened.
  6. varekai

    Tower of Terror Update

    Is there going to be any soft opening before the official on the 18th?
  7. varekai

    Tower of Terror Update

    Has anybody been down to Dreamworld lately? Any news? Also does anyone think there's a chance of a soft opening? I'm heading up to Queensland for four days on Monday, gonna be guttered to see it but not ride it.
  8. varekai

    Tower of Terror Update

    Maybe you're thinking of a crane, jakeman398?
  9. varekai

    Tower of Terror Update

    I can only assume they would be changing merch, seeing as it's not ToT; it's ToT2.
  10. varekai

    Tower of Terror Update

    I'm thinking it might have a soft-opening.
  11. varekai

    Tower of Terror Update

    What did the couple of drawings look like? I'm really excited for this.
  12. varekai

    Tower of Terror Update

    So is this new car going to look similar to the car at the moment? (Spikes, metallic silver look etc) Or is it going to be completely different?
  13. does anyone know what this is ? it opens Dec 12
  14. varekai

    The Mummy Live - Dreamworld

    I have a feeling this is going to be just like Tomb Raider Live at LPM Melbourne but with a different name ..
  15. Hey, im planning to go to Rye sometime over the Holidays and does anybody have info on the Rye Carnival? Im mainly interested in the prices, where and when. Thanks! Michael